The Best Mountainside Holidays

As part of our summer-long partnership with Eurocamp, we asked them to share their favourite mountainside destinations. Here’s what they had to say:

Just so you’re clear. When we say mountainside, we really don’t mean you’ll be perched halfway up a rock face in a bivouac. We’re talking spectacular views that you can enjoy from an altogether less-arduous altitude. In altogether more comfortable accommodation! With, of course, the extra thrill of being able to get on the slopes in next-to-no-time. Whether we’ll find you hiking, climbing, cycling or dangling your feet in a clear mountain stream, well, it’s your holiday. You decide. Europe’s grandest mountains offer fresh air, adventures, tranquil mountain villages and full-throttle thrills.

Maybe the French Alps, with their impressive lakes, and chic towns will lure you. Perhaps you’ll  pick Austria’s lush green valleys, carpeted with wildflowers, or Switzerland’s picture-perfect villages, their mountainsides latticed with sparkling waterfalls? If the hills are calling you, come with us and let’s raise our holiday game!

Here are three of our favourites. But we’ve plenty more to choose from.

Jungfrau, Bernese Overland, Switzerland

Count them, if you can. The Lauterbrunnen Valley has, by our reckoning, 31 tumbling cascades of water. You can walk under, through or over some of them - right from this picture-perfect parc. The best of Switzerland’s magnificent mountain country is right within reach. And, when it’s not, how about taking a cable car to get even closer!

Les Lacs du Verdon, Provence, France 

Think Provence and think Riviera, right? Well, yes - those glorious south of France beaches are within easy reach. But look the other way, and ruggedly inviting hills are a clue to what lies beyond: France’s biggest and best outdoor playground. The Gorges du Verdon, just a short distance away from this wonderfully green and relaxing parc, is one of the deepest and most beautiful river valleys in Europe.

Le Ranc Davaine, Lacs Du Verdon, France

The deep valleys, stunning rock formations and hidden rivers of the Ardèche mean that this rugged corner of France is action-stations for activity-loving families. Whoosh along white water rapids in a canoe, amble through rocky passes on a trusty (you hope) horse, or simply admire it all from your full-of-fun parc, with its mountain-sized waterslides!

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