The Best Beachside Holidays

As part of our summer-long partnership with Eurocamp, we asked them to share their favourite beachside destinations. Here’s what they had to say:

We’re sure there’s solid science behind the reason why dazzling blue seas and soft, pale sand lure us to the coast. But we’re not scientists. We’re just people who love magnificent beaches. That’s why you’ll find so many of our best parcs nestled right alongside - or even right on - some of the best in Europe.

Of course, like our parcs, our favourite beaches come in all shades, shapes and sizes. The gorgeous coves of Brittany, the sweeping crescents of sun-warmed sands in the South of France, the wide and elegant beaches that line the promenades or the Venetian Riviera, or the pine forest-fringed bays of Croatia. They’re all incredible in their own unique ways. How to choose? Well, that’s up to you - but think about what your perfect beach day looks like. Are you the type to zip-up a wetsuit and try surfing, climb on a stand-up paddleboard, snooze on a picnic blanket, or ramble along the coast in search of the perfect peaceful swimming spot?

We have a parc perfectly placed for you and your family’s brilliant beachside adventures…

Zaton Holiday Resort, Dalmatia, Croatia

Sandy beaches aren’t a guarantee in Croatia. But Zaton can boast one of the best on this dazzling coastline. If watersports are your thing, you’re in holiday heaven here. The shimmering Adriatic is host to all manner of ways to enjoy a wet and wild, adrenaline-fuelling adventure. Our parc more than rises to the occasion, with a great water complex, and lots of entertainment from dawn until dusk. It's also a perfect opportunity to don one of Regatta's popular changing robes as you dry off between activities.

Des Menhirs, Brittany, France

The northwestern tip of France is a beach-fringed gem. Headlands, coves, rocky outcrops leading to pink-white sands, and off-shore archipelagoes glistening like jewels. Yes, we kind of love Brittany, can you tell? We love Des Menhirs too: a captivating parc close to the stones of Carnac, and the sail-dotted bay of La Trinité-sur-Mer. Breton beach life is stylish, family-friendly and effortlessly enjoyable. And the sands are silky soft, too.

Spiaggia E Mare, Adriatic Coast, Italy

Right alongside the warm waters of the Adriatic Coast and Venetian Riviera this Eurocamp parc comes complete with added Italian style and a sprinkle of La Dolce Vita for good measure. Check out Spiaggia’s lovely pools and restaurants for proof! Wonderfully clean and family-friendly, the wide, flat sands are lined with bars, restaurants, fairgrounds and - of course - ice cream stalls!

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