Regatta PFC-Free Clothing

As of September 2020, we're happy to announce that Regatta Great Outdoors’ range of apparel and clothing accessories is now PFC free!

We constantly review our manufacturing and supply chain processes from start to finish in order to reduce our environmental impact. We’re already free of using harmful PFOS & PFOA chemicals, (which are commonly used to coat fabrics to keep them protected) and have been working towards a better, more environmentally friendly alternative to using PFCs in our Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment process.

For more information on our restricted substances, you can find our list here.

What Is PFC?

PFC stands for Perfluorinated compounds. Perfluorinated compounds are used in the process of waterproofing garments, they’re the chemicals that form the outer layer of protection for the fabric, so that water deflects and beads up when coming into contact with it. Outside of outdoor clothing usage, you’ll commonly see them used in products such as non-stick pans or other products that require water or oil resisting properties.

There are many different types of PFCs, not all of which are harmful to the environment, however the types of PFC necessary for the water repellent treatment process are harmful, which is why it’s an issue and a focal point of environmental health agencies.

What’s The Issue With PFCs?

The problem with using PFCs is that they’re strong at a molecular level. They take a long time to break down and can be widely dispersed into the environment as the garment's protective layer decays over time, causing an unnecessary impact on the environment. Since our Honesty Project began, we've been working towards replacing PFCs with a more environmentally friendly solution.

Which Regatta Garments Previously Used PFCs?

PFCs would predominantly feature in our range of jackets, including:

As well as any other clothing labelled as waterproof or water resistant, such as our walking trousers, waterproof pants and clothing accessories including hats and gloves.

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