What to Do When It's Raining

A child in a yellow raincoat standing in the rain with his arms up.

A child in a yellow raincoat standing in the rain with his arms up.

While we undoubtedly live in a rainy part of the world, the wet weather doesn’t always have to spoil your fun. 

There are actually lots of fantastic rainy day things to do with kids, dogs and the whole family. Whether you love to get out in the rain or you prefer to stay warm and cosy inside, you certainly don’t need to be bored in wet weather. 

So, if you’re stuck on what to do when it’s raining, take a look at some of our best rainy day activity ideas. 

What to do with kids on a rainy day

As any parent knows, entertaining children on a rainy day can be tough. Some of your kids’ favourite activities may be off-limits due to the weather, such as playing in the garden or heading to the park. But the rain doesn’t have to stop play altogether. Here are some brilliant ideas for rainy day fun with the kids:

- Head into an indoor play centre

If you can’t go to your kids’ favourite outdoor play park, there’s only one thing to do - head indoors. An indoor play centre offers hours of fun for your children, while you can relax and watch from the sidelines. 

You can sip a coffee and catch up on some reading while they burn off all that excess energy on soft play, ball pools, climbing frames and slides. You may even be able to round up some friends or family with children and really make a day of it while the rain pours outside. 

- Pop on some wellies and go puddle jumping

The rain may be no fun for grown-ups, but for kids it presents an exciting opportunity to find a huge puddle and make the biggest splash possible. Younger children in particular absolutely love puddle jumping in wet weather, and it’s surprising how long it’ll keep them entertained. 

You can even enjoy some wet weather games while you’re out, including painting with mud, floating tiny toy boats on puddles or racing leaves and twigs down a gutter. Go on a nature walk, rescue some worms or recreate that famous scene from ‘Singing in the Rain’ - these are all super fun things to do with younger children in the rain. Remember, the sillier the activity, the more fun it’ll be!

The joy of these rainy day adventures with the family is getting soaked and loving it. It can be an invigorating rather than an unpleasant experience if you embrace it. 

However, if you don’t fancy carrying a sopping wet, cold child home, it’s best to kit your little one out in head-to-toe wet weather gear before heading out. An all-in-one kids’ puddle suit is ideal. When paired with a colourful pair of wellies, your kids can splash and puddle jump to their heart's content without getting soaked. 

Don't fancy investing in a puddle suit if they don't go out too often? Layer them up in one of our kids' waterproof jackets instead! We've got a colourful collection of boys raincoats and warm waterproof jackets for girls, so they'll look just as adorable as they splash about outside!

What to do with your dog when it’s raining 

For many dogs, the day is centred around two main events - mealtimes and walks. But how do you keep your dog entertained, exercised and happy on those days where it just won’t stop raining and you can’t go for a walk? Here are some ideas to try:

- Invest in a waterproof coat for your dog 

Many dogs don’t really mind the wet weather. In fact, some absolutely love it! They’ll make sure to jump in every puddle and streak across muddy fields, even if they do end up completely soaked at the end of the walk. 

If you’re planning to brave the rain with your pooch, make sure you have a really good waterproof coat - and not just for you. Wrap up your furry friend in a waterproof and windproof dog coat, making sure to choose one that is reflective so you can always find your pup even in bad weather. This’ll keep your dog warm and just a little drier, so they won’t completely coat your walls and floors with mud when they shake off the drips indoors. 

- Arrange a playdate!

If your dog isn’t a fan of rainy days, even if you’re both wrapped up in waterproofs, you don’t need to be stuck indoors. A great way to have fun and exercise your pup in wet weather is to arrange a doggy playdate. Get in touch with a friend or family member who also has a dog and arrange to meet up at their house or yours. Your dogs will be overjoyed to see each other, and they can spend the afternoon playing.

As for the owners, they can settle in on a comfy sofa, have a good old catch-up and a lovely cup of tea. Sometimes, the rain is much better enjoyed from indoors, as you watch it fall against the windowpane while you stay warm and dry.



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