Head Torches for Hiking

Planning a multi-day hike, or fancy walking up one of the UK's scenic peaks in the early hours to catch the sunrise? You'll need some form of lighting to make sure you can step safely. Head torches are a hiking essential, they're a great way to make sure you can see where you're going without the hassle of carrying a handheld torch. So, if you're looking for the hands-free convenience head torches offer, read on for a run-down of our best head torches that can be used for running, hiking or even as simple as reading a map or seeing around your campsite.

Head Torches for Hiking at Night

Start your next adventure equipped with a head torch from Regatta Great Outdoors. Planning a trip? Check out our wide range of walking boots, tents and camping equipment to get prepared.

Montegra 250 Head Torch Multi

The Montegra 250 is the best head torch in the Regatta range, offering an impressive 250 lumens of brightness. Compact, light and ultra bright, it’s perfect for hiking and running in the dark, thanks to the 102 metre beam distance lighting the way ahead.

If you’re relying on a map to venture down an unfamiliar trail, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the red map-reading setting for easy viewing. In terms of power, the Montegra 250 requires 3 AAA batteries which come included with the head torch and will last for up to 5 hours and 15 minutes when used on the highest setting or up to 36 hours on the lowest.

Montegra 175 Head Torch Multi

The Montegra 175 is a more affordable option to the Montegra 250. It offers 175 lumens of light and an operational use time of 2 hours and 30 minutes on the highest setting and 22 hours on the lowest.

Being more affordable, the Montegra 175 is an excellent choice to bring along as an emergency head torch in case your main one runs out, though it will also perform well as your main torch. It’s powered by two AAA batteries which come included in your purchase.

Sacramento VII 3-In-1 Waterproof Jacket

Why not combine the convenience of a head torch with the insulating power and waterproof protection of a 3-in-1 jacket? Brite Light – our latest innovation in our range of wearable technology allows precisely that.

The Sacramento VII features a strip of LED’s in the peak of the hood, so when hiking and exploring runs into low light, pull on the hood and the built-in torch will light the way.

It’s powered by two AAA batteries (sold separately) and has three lighting settings.¬†Providing a premium battery is used, the torch will last up to around 15 hours and provide 55 lumens of brightness.

The jacket itself is designed with our signature Isotex 15,000, which is one of our highest grades of waterproof protection in our range of outdoor clothing and offers excellent breathability. Being a 3 in 1 jacket, you’ll also be able to take off the outer layer to reveal a comfy Extol softshell jacket underneath. The Sacramento VII is a men’s jacket, however we also offer a women’s equivalent – the Carletta VI.

Brite Light Torch Beanie

If you only need something for low light conditions as opposed to total darkness, our Brite Light Beanie features a rechargeable head torch which will do the trick. Ideally suited towards evening dog walking and commuting to work, it will perform well when hiking in low-light conditions, though for more serious hikes we’d recommend a light source with around 200 lumens. It’s powered up via USB and comes with three different settings.

A full charge on the maximum setting (80 lumens) will last for 2 hours, whilst the lowest setting will work for 8 hours. It’s an excellent option to see you through dark winter commutes, keeping both your head warm and yourself visible to nearby traffic.

We hope you found our selection of head torches for hiking useful. For more run-downs of our range of outdoor equipment, check out the Great Gear section of our blog.

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