The Regatta Foundation are proud to be supporting The Conservation Collective, a network of local environment foundations based in 20 locations across the world funding grassroots projects dedicated to preserving, protecting, and regenerating biodiverse ecosystems and to slowing down and adapting to climate change.  

As outdoor experts, we have worked for many years with conservation projects around the world, carving out a role to protect and preserve the environment. The partnership will benefit several projects through funding which will be used to launch new foundations to boost activities supporting the Collective’s network members, including fundraising, coordinating knowledge sharing and overseeing risk management.

Regatta Great Outdoors will be supporting two initiatives within the Highlands and Islands Environment Foundation. We will be working closely with the Shorewatch Youth Programme to engage with and train people from all round Scotland, collecting data from whale and dolphin sightings to help inform and better implement protection and conservation policies. We will also be helping to save Scotland’s Rainforest, working collaboratively with landowners, local communities, and environmental charities for protection and regeneration of these grounds.

In supporting The Conservation Collective, the Regatta Group, is proud to be working alongside these local foundations, by providing necessary financial resources to grassroots conservation initiatives but also offering invaluable exposure to new audiences. We aim to act as a driving force connecting people with nature by helping those to enjoy the great outdoors with great kit, while collectively working towards a sustainable future.  

  Jade Brudenell, Executive Director of the Conservation Collective commented:  

“We are so grateful to the Regatta Foundation for supporting the Conservation Collective! Everywhere you look there are brilliant, passionate people working to create positive environmental change. Partnerships like this can turbocharge the work of local heroes dedicated to protecting and restoring the natural environment of the place that they love.” 

We encourage people and businesses to support local initiatives to raise awareness of climate and biodiversity issues, while enjoying time spent outdoors along the way.

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