Women's Walking Shoes

Designed for optimum comfort and grip, our latest range of women's walking shoes is full of our most popular styles, from ladies trail shoes and casual footwear to women's hiking shoes expertly constructed for the outdoors. Built with the latest in Regatta technologies, you'll benefit from waterproof protection as well as reinforcement in all the right areas to help prevent blisters appearing and to protect against bumps and knocks which would otherwise cause abrasions on the shoe. Whether you're out for a weekend hike or simply walking the dog, you can rely on our lightweight women's walking shoes no matter the adventure. Pair them with one of our waterproof coats for complete protection against the elements. Shop our full selection of trail shoes for women below, or check out some of our women's walking boots if you're looking for something even more robust.

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Rugged Trail Shoes For Women

If you prefer more mobility on your travels, walking shoes often out-perform walking boots as - quite simply - they're not as big and clunky. Trail shoes share similarities with casual shoes and trainers, however they're designed specifically for outdoor use, which means there's a huge difference in both the sole and the design of the upper half of the shoe. As a trail shoe is much more likely to encounter water, stones and uneven surfaces, deeper lugs allow our women's trail shoes to provide enhanced grip and traction, whilst waterproof uppers help keep the water out. Women who prefer to hike at a jogging pace will likely get more benefit out of our ladies trail shoes versus a pair of walking boots. For more information about Regatta footwear, have a read of our buyer's guide to outdoor footwear.