Festival Essentials: The Complete Festival Checklist

The Regatta Festival Essentials Guide

Last updated: 08/07/2020

Look After The Land!

Remember to stay as eco-friendly as possible at festivals and respect the land.

Packing for a festival can be a tricky task. Festival Goers everywhere face the same dilemma; what to take to a festival. While a few festival essentials such as a tent and your ticket are obvious, there are often a number of must-have items left behind. We’ve created a helpful guide to make sure your upcoming festival is the best ever. Have a quick look at our festival guide and pack along as you go. Whether you're packing for a music festival here in the UK or abroad, many of the items listed will be equally useful.

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Festival Essentials

Here are a few must-have items for attending any festival. Always double check you have all of the essential festival gear before setting off.

Festival Ticket

Without a ticket, you will be unable to attend any festival. Double check that you have your ticket before leaving. If your ticket is on your phone, first check that you do not need to print it off before arriving at the festival.


The majority of festivals in the UK require proof of age before entering the festival site. Even if you are comfortably over the age of 18, it’s a good idea to take proof of age just in case.

Cash (not card!)

Even the most well-prepared festival goers will have to spend some money at some point. Make sure to take cash with you to a festival. Often food stalls won’t accept card payments and card machines on a festival site will often charge you for taking your own money out. Use a bum bag for easy storage.

Make Sure!

Always keep your cash on you and do not leave it in your tent.

Mobile Phone

Bringing a mobile along is always advisable when attending a festival. That being said, it could be a good idea to take an old phone instead of your current day-to-day phone. Due to the remote locations of many festivals, internet data is not always accessible. An old phone which you can use for calls or texts is all you will need.

Festival Camping Equipment

Camping Tent

Your tent will serve as your basecamp during your festival so it’s important to pick wisely. Having a great tent will make all the difference when you finally get some rest after a day of dancing and having fun. Pop-up tents are a quick, easy option for festival goers who don’t want any fuss. They’re also light and easy to carry over long distances, which is ideal when attending a festival.

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Take Your Tent Home!

Always pack up your tent and take it back home with you at the end of the festival.

Sleeping Bag

An essential for when the music stops and the parties end, sleep well with a good sleeping bag and get ready to do it all again the following day.

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A must-have for carting all of your equipment, clothes and camping gear to and from the drop-off point or carpark.

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Roll Mat

A lightweight roll mat comes in really handy, they’re easy to carry and much more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. While you may prefer to take an airbed, they are often much heavier and can cause problems if you have a lot to carry over the festival site.

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For trips to the toilet during the night and finding your belongings after dark, a personal touch is a great piece of kit for any festival.

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Microfibre Towels

When it inevitably rains, you don't want to get the inside of your tent wet. That's why it's useful to pack a good microfibre towel to use to dry off your body and wipe down any water you tread into the tent.

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General Festival Tips

Camp on high ground

Make sure to pitch your tent on high ground and avoid setting up camp in a ditch or low lying ground. If there is heavy rain during the festival, the ditch will collect water which can easily result in your camp becoming waterlogged. Check out our guide to camping in the rain for more advice.

Make campsite friends

Make friends with your neighbours when you first arrive in the campsite. Getting to know the faces around you will help to protect your belongings from potential theft while you’re away from camp.

Always set a meet up point

When you first arrive at a festival, make sure to set a meeting point in the event that your group or family becomes separated. Make your meeting point a landmark which is easily identifiable both during the day and at night.

Top Tip: If you have young children, tie a bracelet to their wrist with your contact number on, in case you become separated a member of staff will be able to quickly and easily contact you.

Save your phone battery

It could be a good idea to purchase a portable charger before you head to your festival. Paying to charge your phone at a festival can be an expensive addition to your weekend in the fields.

Check the weather forecast

Festival Clothing

Campsite Clothing

It’s a good idea to take some comfortable clothing which you can wear around the campsite first thing in the morning or for an evening when you’re relaxing. Typically you should think about taking a few t-shirts, comfortable trousers and a warm jumper for cold evenings. Don't forget to check the weather before packing for the weekend, this should determine the type of clothing you should take!

Festival Outfits

Plan a few outfits you plan on wearing to visit the festival site. Even if the weather is looking gloomy, you can stay on trend with our festival-inspired raincoats. Our raincoats are nice and lightweight so they can be easily stored in a day bag or within your tent if the weather brightens up. If you're lucky enough to see some sunshine during your festival visit, make sure you take along a pair of shorts to make the most of it!

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Wellies or Walking Boots

If you're heading to any festival in the UK this summer, you're going to need a good pair of wellies. Avoid ruining your trainers in the mud by choosing the correct footwear. Packing a pair of wellies is going to make your time a lot more enjoyable if the rain starts to pour.

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What to avoid packing

Glass Bottles

It’s not uncommon for festivals to ban glass bottles in both the campsite and festival arena. To avoid losing your drinks before entering the festival, choose drinks which are contained within cans. Alternatively, you could take an eco-friendly refillable bottle with you.

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Too much for you to carry

Don’t forget when you’re packing that everything you bring will have to be carried a potentially long distance. Make your life as easy as possible by only packing the essentials. Perhaps invest in a festival trolley, which allows for further mobility of your equipment without causing unnecessary strain on your back.


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