Camping Essentials: The Complete Camping Checklist

Camping can be one of the best ways to experience the true beauty of the British countryside. But it can be difficult to know exactly what you should (and shouldn’t) bring along with you. Within this handy guide, we’ll share some top tips and advice on how to make a good camping trip even better by packing the right camping equipment. Whether you’re off camping on your own or on a countryside break with the whole family, you’re sure to find this guide useful!

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Camping Kit List: What to Take Camping

The first few items to organise should be your camping equipment. This includes the things you’ll need to build your temporary home in the countryside. We’ve listed a few of the main items. The amount of equipment you’ll need will depend on the number of people you’re camping with.

Camping Tent

A strong, reliable camping tent which stands up to the British weather is vital on any British camping trip. The number of campers sleeping inside and the environment you’re camping in both play a part in deciding which tent you should pack. Will a pop-up tent suffice, or do you need something bigger like a dome tent or large family tent? Also, in the event that it rains, bring a travel towel along with you to mop up any water that manages to find its way into your tent.

Unsure of which tent is right for you? Have a browse of our range below, or head over to our tent buying guide to read about each type.

Tent repair kit

To quickly fix any damage to your tent, you should bring a tent repair kit along. Keep this handy piece of kit packed away in your tent, ready to pull out on a rainy day. For a complete repair kit, you may also want to include additional tent pegs, tent poles and guy lines. You’ll also need a camping mallet to use to drive pegs into the earth.

Camping Sleeping Gear

Sleeping Bag

A high-quality sleeping bag is a must have for a good night’s sleep in the countryside. Three season sleeping bags are suitable for almost all weather conditions. In summer months, you may prefer to go with an ultra-lightweight sleeping bag to avoid overheating during the night. For colder conditions, consider picking up a mummy sleeping bag or sharing a double sleeping bag for extra warmth.

Inflatable pillow

To avoid a stiff neck in the morning, make sure to pack an inflatable pillow. This small luxury will definitely make all the difference to how you sleep. Inflatable pillows are super affordable and can be rolled up and neatly packed away anywhere.

Air Bed

Spending the night on the floor with no padding will leave you restless. Why not treat yourself to an air bed, you’re sure to get a much better sleep than without. If you’re planning on taking an airbed, you’re going to need an air pump. Struggling for room? A camping bed or sleeping mat could be a better option for you.

Camping Furniture


Give your camp some protection from the elements with a waterproof windbreaker. With improved privacy, you’ll be able to chill out in peace after a long day of exploring, free from distraction.

Camping Chairs

Want to avoid sitting on the wet ground? A sturdy camping chair is an essential for every camper. Chill out around a campfire, enjoy your lunch sitting down or take a break in comfort during a long walk with a portable camping chair.

Camping Tables

A camping table is the hub of activity during a camping trip. Whether you’re bonding over a meal or bickering over a board game, you’re sure to create memories around a camping table.

Cooking Equipment

Camping Cutlery

Even though you’re living in the country, it doesn’t mean you should go without your home comforts. Give your camping stash a boost with camping cutlery and plates to make meal times that little bit more enjoyable.


A camping kettle will make your life much easier when you’re out in the sticks. You can use the kettle to quickly and easily boil water for cooking or for your morning serving of tea & coffee.

Pots & Pans

You’re going to need something to cook in so don’t forget to throw a set of pots and pans in with your camping gear. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will all be under control, you just have the task of nominating the camp chef now!

Cooking Stove

Avoid eating bland cold food throughout your trip by packing a cooking stove or foldaway grill. You’ll be able to start the day off right with a cooked breakfast and a warm drink!

DON’T FORGET: You’re going to need fuel for your fire. If you’re bringing a stove, you’re going to need gas canisters. Opting for the BBQ? Make sure to pack some coal.

Fun Extras & Nice-To-Haves

Mountain Bikes

For outdoor exploring on two wheels, bring your mountain bikes along on your camping trip. If you’re camping as a family, bringing some bikes along for the kids will keep them occupied for hours.

Portable Power Bank

Keep your phone charged up with one of our portable power banks, which double over as a power source for our range of heated jackets.

Dog Coats & Toys

If you’re planning on bringing your furry friend along on a trip to the country, don’t forget their camping gear too! For long walks protect your pooch with a dog coat, they’ll thank you if they could. Why not also treat your dog by bringing along a few dog toys.

Picnic Set

Have lunch in the fields with a picnic set. This is the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon in the countryside. Don’t forget to accompany your picnic a board game and a few toys for endless amounts of fun.

Camping Lantern

Adding a camping lantern to your camping arsenal can be a great bonus. With the help of a hanging hook, you’ll be able to provide lighting to your entire tent. This will be a great help once the sun goes down. Avoid using your phone as a torch, phone battery can be precious while camping so using a lantern instead could save you precious battery life!

Water Container

Avoid multiple trips to the nearest tap by stocking up on water with a large container. Whether you’re using water for a morning wash, cleaning the dishes or for drinking, a water container will make your life much easier.

Cool Box

Keep your food cool and safe to eat for the duration of your trip with a cool box. With plenty of room to store meat, drinks and fresh food, a cool box will allow you to have delicious meals when you’re out in the countryside.

Camping Multi Tool

Useful for opening bottles and cutting rope, having a camping multi-tool on hand can be really useful when it comes to completing small tasks around your campsite.

Campsite and Walking Clothing

Quick Dry T-Shirts

Sweat wicking, quick drying t-shirts are really useful when camping and exploring the countryside. The quick drying material means you’ll be able to wash your t-shirt and leave it to dry overnight, ready to wear the next day.

Long Sleeve Tops

To protect your skin from the sun and insect bites, make sure to pack a few long sleeve t-shirts. They can also be used as a layering option during the night or on colder days.

Waterproof Jacket

Stay dry and cheerful even when the weather is looking gloomy with a waterproof jacket or coat. Without one, you risk being caught out in the unpredictable British weather, leaving you cold, damp and miserable.

Casual Trousers

For relaxing days around the campsite make sure to pack a pair of casual trousers or jeans. Throw them on when you’re relaxing around the camp after a day of exploring the countryside.

Walking Trousers

If you’re planning on doing some exploring during your camping trip, it may be a good idea to bring a pair of walking trousers along. Not only are walking trousers incredibly reliable, they’re also quick drying if you get caught out in the rain.

Walking Boots

Get the right footwear for trekking, hiking and rambling in the countryside. By kitting yourself out with a pair of walking boots, your feet will be fully supported over uneven ground and protected thanks to shock absorbing materials.

Be sure to bring a pair of casual trainers along to change into once you’ve finished walking.

Fleece & Mid Layers

For morning breakfast at camp, chilly afternoons up the mountain or relaxing around the fire of an evening, a warm fleece really is the perfect piece of camping clothing. Great as a layering option with a jacket or on its own, a fleece will become your best friend in the countryside.


For days of exploring on the move, don’t forget to bring a backpack along for all of your daily essentials. Walking, trekking or hiking will become challenging if you leave without lunch, water and other outdoor essentials.

You’re all set

You have all the basic camping equipment you’re going to need for a trip away. Don’t forget you’ll also need some personal items such as toiletries, as well as food and drink. We’ve created an extensive camping checklist which you can download for free at the top of the page!

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