Waterproof Jackets
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Waterproof Jackets

Looking For The Best Waterproof Jacket?

Our waterproof jackets have been designed to keep you both comfortable and dry. With help of the latest technology we can ensure you will have the best performance.

What makes our jackets waterproof?

Every stitch and fibre uses the latest technology to give you the best performance and comfort. Regatta isotex fabric is measured by its ability to withstand a certain amount of downward pressure of water in millimetres. The number it is given relates to its test results and how much water it can withstand (mm). All our jackets are waterproof and the higher the isotex number the more water the jacket can withstand.

Waterproof Jackets With Taped Seams

By taping every seam on our waterproof jackets, we ensure that no water is able to seep through the jacket. You’ll be able to find taped seams on all Regatta waterproof jackets. Keep a look out for the taped feature when shopping online with us.

Key Features

  • Breathable fabrics
  • Stretch fabrics that move with you
  • The latest technology
  • Performance and comfort
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Insulated Jackets
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Insulated Jackets

The Perfect Jacket To Keep You Warm

Regatta insulated jackets are fully lined and feature padding to trap pockets of air to keep you warm. We have a variety of padded options including down fill and atomlight fill, so you can choose a coat which has the right levels of insulation for you.

What makes our jackets so warm?

Regatta fully lined jackets are designed with padding that traps tiny pockets of air which work to provide warmth in cold weather making them ideal for winter. From down fill to Atomlight fill, at Regatta we have a number of different levels of insulated jackets and coats for you to choose from

Key Features

  • Advanced technology
  • Synthetic and natural insulation fills to choose from
  • Styles to suit high­altitude walking or every­day wear
  • Provides warmth
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3-in-1 Jackets
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3-In-1 Jackets

What Is A 3-In-1 Jacket?

The 3-in-1 jacket is the perfect all rounder. Featuring a softshell or fleece inner, and a waterproof outer, these jackets are great at adapting to your needs. You can wear the inner layer on its own to keep warm on dry days, the outer layer on its own on damp days, or layer the two jackets up to create a warm and waterproof 3-in-1 jacket for when you need a bit more protection .These jackets really are versatile and the 3 options of how you can wear them mean they are also great value for money.

What type of 3-in-1 jacket should I choose?

Regatta 3­ in­ 1 jackets all feature different levels of technology so you can find the perfect style whether you are looking for a jacket for day­to­day use or fast­ paced trail walking. Choose a 3­-in-­1 jacket with a softshell liner if you need a jacket for a high pace activity. For day­to­day outdoor activities, a 3­in­1 jacket with a fleece liner would suit perfectly

Key Features

  • Versatile
  • All year round protection
  • A wide range of technical features to choose from
  • Waterproof and insulated
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Softshell Jackets
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Softshell Jackets

What Is A Softshell Jacket?

Softshell jackets are lightweight, breathable, and designed with comfort and mobility in mind. These coats are made up of a woven fabric, allowing for stretch, as well as featuring wind and water resistant technologies. These jackets are the perfect mid-layer to fill the gap between a fleece and a large insulated coat.

Why choose a softshell jacket?

Softshell style jackets are a versatile option which work both as a mid­layer and a stand­alone style that can protect against wind and rain showers. The breathable fabric makes them perfect for energetic activities.

Key Features

  • Maximum comfort and mobility
  • Lightweight
  • Can be worn alone or as a midlayer
  • Water resistant
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