Jackets Buying Guide


We have been making waterproof jackets for over 30 years and we know that choosing a new one can be a bit of mind-boggling exercise. But don’t worry, once you understand the basics it’s easy to find the one best suited to you. Our simple guide identifies the main types of jackets and explains where they shine best.

Packaways & Foldaways

As the name suggests, these are lightweight rain jackets that handily pack down into a small bag or pocket. They are designed with a full front fastening, a hood and elasticated cuffs to stop water and wind sneaking in.

All of our packaway jackets are breathable, which means they move the moisture away from your skin. Some have more technical features than others, such as taped seams, which further protect from the rain.

They are ideal for low-level walking, travelling, festivals or day-to-day use. The more sensible amongst us would carry one at all times.

Star Features

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry on the move
  • Simple Design
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3-in-1 Jackets

Made up of two layers that can be worn together during colder months or independently in the warmer seasons these jackets are brilliantly versatile. Layer one is made of fleece or softshell fabric to provide insulation and next-to-skin comfort. Layer two is a waterproof and windproof shell that protects from the elements.

Our 3-in-1 jackets have different levels of technology and features depending on the end-use. You can find jackets for fast-paced trail walking or day-to-day use. Typically jackets with softshell liners are better suited to high pace activity as softshell fabric is more breathable than fleece.

Star Features

  • Brilliantly versatile
  • Four season protection
  • A wide range of technical features to choose from
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Insulated Jackets

Star Features

Fully lined with insulating padding these jackets provide warmth in cold weather. The padding or fill works by trapping tiny pockets of air inside. We use different types of natural and synthetic technology to fill the jackets, each with their own benefits and levels of warmth. You can read more about the different fill types on our technology page to help you choose the right level for you.

  • Superb warmth
  • Synthetic and natural fills to choose from
  • Different designs suited to high altitude walking or every-day wear
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Softshells are lightweight, stretchy jackets designed to give you plenty mobility on active days outdoors. When they first came out they didn’t provide much protection from the weather, but that has now changed. Our technologies have allowed us to make softshell membranes that protect from the wind and rain showers, making them ideal as a stand-alone jacket during warmer weather or fast-paced days.

Star Features

  • Stretchy
  • Lightweight
  • Can be worn alone or as a mid-layer
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