Veloce Racing X Regatta Professional

Regatta Professional are pleased to announce a new sponsorship and product partnership with Veloce Racing.

Our Partnership

Regatta Professional is now the official clothing supplier of Veloce Racing for the 2021 Extreme E season, which will see the team compete around the world in a series of challenging environments, ranging from the scorching heat of Al-'Ula, Saudi Arabia all the way to the bitter cold of the Russell Glacier, Greenland.

In addition to supplying essential outdoor clothing to the team, we're also forming a product partnership between Veloce and our Honestly Made range, which is made from 100% recycled materials and has so far prevented 3,159,435 plastic bottles from going into landfill sites. Our partnership reflects the values both Regatta Professional and Veloce Racing hold surrounding environmental sustainability.

The partnership will include outdoor clothing showcasing both Veloce and Regatta Professional branding and will be available to purchase very soon.


Two divisions make up Veloce - Veloce Esports and Veloce Racing.

Within the digital world, Veloce Esports runs some of the most significant pro esports teams, competing in the likes of the F1 Esports Championship. Alfa Romeo Racing, McLaren Shadow and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Team are just a few of the big names within their roster.

Alongside competitive play, Veloce also manage their own media network of content creators, Twitch streamers and social media channels, amassing over 190 million monthly views.

Whilst Veloce have their roots in Esports, their Veloce Racing arm has branched the brand out into real-world competition. Sporting an electric powered SUV known as the Odyssey 21, Veloce Racing compete in the Extreme E Championship, an all-electric off-road racing series spanning across locations hit by climate change, including the Amazon, Greenland, Patagonia, Saudi Arabia and Senegal.

Above all, Veloce aims to bring together the best of the virtual and physical sporting arenas to create positive change for society and our planet.

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