The Regatta Influence: As Seen On... @mother_of_five_boys

As we are all fully aware, the British summertime can be wildly unpredictable, making choosing your outfit for an outdoor adventure all the more difficult. As the seasons rapidly transition and the colder, rainier weather descends upon the nation, it is vital that your wardrobe allows for complete flexibility and adaptability, all without compromising on style. This is a feat that the wonderful Faye Gooding, of @mother_of_five_boys renown, has successfully managed to achieve. Faye offers a perfect example of the approach to take when organising the family's wardrobe and in this influencer edit, we will look at some of the best outfit choices that this mother, entrepreneur and blogger has made for her clan.

The Lightweight Waterproofs

In these snaps, the mother of five ensures that her sons are protected from the elements whilst affording breathability on those stuffy, humid transitional days. Lightweight, waterproof and full of character, these jackets are perfect for the entire family. The ideal outfit inclusion for family days out, the school run and walking the dog, waterproof jackets are an absolute staple of any rainy climate-dweller's wardrobe. Alongside coats, Regatta also provides overtrousers, that can be worn in addition to legwear, which, when partnered with a water-resistant jacket, allow for full body weather protection.

The Puddle-Proof Footwear

Minus the odd bare or sandal-adorned foot all in the name of adventure, Faye primarily prioritises practical, water-resistant footwear, such as the pictured Regatta wellies. Combining a waterproof exterior and a comfort-driven design, the rain-appropriate boots ensure that both the kids and adults alike can enjoy themselves in the great outdoors, even in the wettest of conditions. If you prefer to hike but don't want to be hindered by the weather, our range of hiking boots are ideal, partnering both a performance-centric fit with weatherproof protection whilst offering complete breathability for those warmer days.

The Visible Family

As the evenings begin to draw in, staying visible on the school commute becomes a priority. These reflective jackets are a synonymous blend of intriguing, exciting colours and highly reflective panels, perfect for offering complete roadside visibility. @mother_of_five_boys ensures that her brood are fully protected, from both the harsh elements and dangerous rush hour traffic, whilst coordinating her boys to perfection, guaranteeing the perfect family picture can be snapped at the first chance! If you want to take wardrobe coordination to an adorable next step, why not get matching jackets to yours kids, which are available within our Mini-Me Collection.

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