Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week

Eight days. Twenty-four civilian recruits. One week of pure hell.

With summer just around the corner, many of us are contemplating our plans for the warmer months; a sun-infused holiday abroad, a leisure-filled country escape or an adventure-packed stay-cation. Instead of indulging in a week of luxury, peace or frivolity, how does a week of intense physical and mental challenges sound? Like hell? Luckily for us, RTÉ2’s new show Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week allows viewers to gain access into what this might look like, all from the comfort of our sofas.

With the aid of former members of Ireland’s elite Special Forces unit, the Army Ranger Wing (ARW), the show puts twenty-four potential recruits, consisting of some of the country’s toughest, strongest and most determined individuals, through a rigorous selection course. The ARW is one of the most difficult Special Unit forces in the world, boasting a 90% failure rate for those who attempt to join. The recruits are put through excruciatingly challenging training, in an attempt to determine those tough enough to join the team.

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At the start of Hell Week, the contestants are taken to the Wicklow Mountains where they lose all contact with the outside world. For the next eight days, they are known only as a number and stripped of all their personal belongings. What follows is constant and unrelenting tests, put to them by the former members of the ARW.

Hell Week consists of the toughest mental and physical challenges possible

The recruits test themselves against dizzying heights, freezing water and gruelling endurance challenges, all in the hope of passing the selection course. Not only will their physical strength be tested, but their mental robustness will also be pushed to the very limit. Some of the fittest men and women in Ireland will be under constant pressure, and only have approximately 2-3 hours of sleep each day.

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Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week Clothing

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