We are delighted to announce a newfound partnership with County Clare’s Trail Wardens Project, in a bid to improve outdoor safety whilst exploring local tracks and trails.

The Clare Local Development Company have teamed up with the Clare Sports Partnership to develop a trail management system operated by a group of volunteers. Volunteers, known as the Trail Wardens, will work alongside a digital app to improve monitoring and maintenance of walking tracks across County Clare. Together with the support of Regatta, efforts to improve and maintain walking trails will be carried out in conjunction with local scheme workers and contractors, empowering the local community whilst promoting safety outdoors.

The collaboration aims to encourage individuals, groups and families to spend more time outside, by enjoying local walking routes across County Clare in a comfortable and safe environment. We will continue to support this partnership as Regatta pledge to think of new ways to help people enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings with confidence. 

Eoin Hogan, Rural Recreation Officer for County Clare, said: “The roll out of the Clare Volunteer Trail Warden project will ensure that the trails of Clare are monitored on a regular basis ensuring that they are maintained to a high standard and give the walker an enjoyable experience”.  

“The partnership with Regatta is very important as it allows the wardens to undertake their volunteer work in all weather conditions and stay warm and dry while wearing the regatta waterproof jackets that were provided”. 

The Trail Wardens Project together with Regatta is encouraging the County Clare community to enjoy local tracks and trails with the knowledge and comfort of a safe environment underfoot.

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