Rain or Shine: A British Springtime Wardrobe Guide

The British springtime. There are a few things synonymous with this wonderful time of year: daffodils lining any stretch of road-side grass within the cities, copious amounts of chocolate consumption in the run up to Easter, electrified anticipation for the warm summer months that are just around the corner, and of course, the completely unpredictable weather. The volatile, ever-changing nature of the UK’s climate can make choosing attire for even the most simple of excursions an arduous task. Thankfully, we have broken down the wardrobe must-haves that will ensure you are ready for whatever the weather has in store for you, rain or shine.


Usually superseding a warm, dry and sunny spell of weather, the rain eventually arrives to ruin any hastily pre-planned BBQs, country walks and picnics, instead leaving you with puddles the size of a small elephant on the ground and mud splatters all over your lower legs. However, here are a selection of drizzle and downpour-friendly garments that will ensure the whole family stays dry even in the wettest of conditions.

The Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

The perfect thrown-on for mad dashes outdoors, dog walks in the rain and long, weather-enduring hikes across mountains, lightweight waterproof jackets perfectly partner breathability with functionality, identifying the balance between the need for rain protection and the desire to remain cool in stuffy climates. A fun range of colours and designs guarantees that Regatta has an offering to suit the entire family. Have you seen our latest set of waterproof jackets for kids? We've improved the range right across our girls raincoats and boys waterproof jackets, so that they'll be kept lovely and dry whilst they go about their day.

Weather Conditions?

Ideal for those days when the rain is pouring consistently, but the temperature remains undesirably warm, this style of waterproof keeps you dry whilst allowing for a comfortable level of breathability.


If the weather suddenly turns and the sun makes an appearance, this style of coat can be opened up to allow for heat reduction, whilst also remaining lightweight enough to be carried in one’s arms or around the waist without hindering your outdoor activities.

The Wellie

A true staple of any outdoor adventurer, the wellington boot is one of the most effective pieces of footwear at keeping your feet water-free. Ideal for exploring the countryside without the fear of soggy socks, wellies are also perfect for the school run, gardening and all manner of daily activities that require you to face the elements.

Weather Conditions?

Although perfect for making a fashion statement, the wellie’s natural habitat is in rainy conditions, when the water feels like it’s personally attacking your feet in an attempt to ruin your outdoor activities.


Breathable by nature, wellies can be worn even if the weather develops a sunnier disposition. Additionally, the lightweight composition of the footwear ensures that you can carry them around with relative ease.


Offering head-to-toe protection from the elements, Regatta’s range of kids’ rainsuits ensures that rainy school runs will no longer be a dreaded chore, instead transforming the journey into a puddle-jumping free for all. Breathable, lightweight and completely waterproof, rainsuits can be worn over your child’s everyday clothing, making them a playground must-have.

Weather Conditions?

Due to the breathable structure of the material, Regatta’s puddle suits can be worn in dry weather, although they truly serve a purpose during those Spring showers.


With their ability to be worn over normal clothing, these fun kids’ styles can be packed away when the sun comes out, and put straight back on when rain inevitably makes a reappearance.

rain or shine clothing



Although admittedly rare, every so often the weather will turn in the favour of outdoor-lovers and beams of sunlight will hit the rain-drenched ground, providing everyone with an upbeat, summer-ready energy that is truly contagious. Make the most of these treasured moments with our selection of products specifically designed for sunny, warm days.

The Long Sleeved Top

Whether in a casual or more formal design, long sleeved tops strike the perfect balance between protecting against that pesky chilly breeze that just won’t quit and embracing the vitamin D-infused sunshine (remember to always wear an SPF!). Our selection of long sleeved tops offers a range of colours, styles and fit, ensuring that the whole family can indulge in the warmer weather conditions.

Weather Conditions?

Perfect for blue sky days, when the weather hints towards sunnier days to come. The long sleeved nature of the garment allows for customisation of wear, providing you with the options of sleeves down, for breeze-infused walks, or sleeves up, for full-blown sun-embracing.


As previously discussed, the sleeve detailing allows for subtle changes in the weather, although partnering the top with a waterproof jacket would be advisable for sudden Spring showers and downpours.

The Trainer

Undoubtedly a classic, the trainer offers comfort and functionality, without compromising on style. Encompassing breathable, water-resistant and lightweight properties, trainers are the perfect daily throw-on and are guaranteed to be a part of your outfit rotation. Come a sunny Spring day, there is pretty much no other footwear that you will want to adorn.

Weather Conditions?

Regatta’s trainers are best suited to dry weather. The breathability of the material ensures that even in the warmest Spring climates your feet will remain cool and comfortable. Additionally, the inclusion of cushioned technology guarantees pain-free walks and activities, making these lightweight footwear components a truly versatile product for those who enjoy exploring.


Although boasting water-resistant properties, trainers should be worn during dry spells, regardless of the temperature.

Rain & Shine

No British Springtime wardrobe guide would be complete without addressing what to wear on those ever-confusing, frequently experienced overcast days, where mother nature hasn’t quite made her mind up regarding the state of the climate. Days like these can bring quick, aggressive bouts of rainfall, followed almost instantaneously by beaming rays of sunshine. On these days it can be extremely difficult to dedicate yourself to a certain outfit, for fear of abrupt and unwelcome changes that could either leave you drenched to the skin or sweltering in what feels like your own personal sauna. Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution.

The Packaway

Introducing Regatta’s extensive packaway jacket collection. With products ranging from jackets to trousers and rucksacks, every piece in this line offers lightweight movability partnered with protection against the elements. Packed within a stuff bag, these weightless yet durable products make the perfect travel companion for anyone who plans to enjoy the outdoors this Springtime, such as festival goers, hikers, campers and those individuals just braving the conditions within their everyday life. The colours and design deliver uncompromising style whilst also offering waterproof properties and peace of mind.

Weather Conditions?

Best adorned during rainy periods, Regatta’s packaway range defends your clothes from a damp doom whilst boasting extremely lightweight, breathable benefits. The stuff bag is attributed with a draw-string that can be tied around pushchairs, waistbands and backpacks, making them the ideal contingency plan that you won’t notice until it’s needed.


Versatile by design, packaways can be worn during times of need, but can also be packed away in the accompanying stuff bag with ease. A truly adaptable product, ideal for the British Springtime.

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