Best Trousers for Hiking in Wet Weather

A reliable pair of walking trousers form one part of the hiking clothing holy trinity, alongside a technical waterproof coat and a rugged pair of walking boots. They're there to keep your legs warm, dry and chafe-free throughout their use, but normal pairs aren't always reliable for lengthy hikes in wet weather.

If you've been caught out by the rain before and had to hike around in heavy, sodden trousers keeping your legs cold, now's the time to look for a pair of waterproof walking trousers to bring for your next adventure.

Hiking Trousers For Wet Weather: Which Should You Choose?

Walking trousers with integrated waterproofing or packable waterproof over trousers for on-demand protection, discover the right type of trousers to wear for your wet weather hikes.

Walking Trousers with Waterproof Protection

A wide variety of our walking trousers feature some degree of waterproof protection, whether that's a durable water repellent coating or a branch of our signature Isotex technology like Isoflex. This means you'll be able to pick out the right pair of the job and find the right balance between comfort and performance for the hike you're planning.

Isotex is one of the main technologies we use across our range of waterproof walking trousers, making them flexible, durable and breathable. Ready for unpredictable weather, our walking trousers are quick drying and use stretchable material, allowing them to move with you even over challenging terrain.

Key Features

  • Breathable stretch fabrics
  • Adjustable waistline which moves with you
  • Integrated modern technology
  • Performance and comfort

Waterproof Trousers

Need to stay warm and dry on your next outdoor adventure? A pair of waterproof overtrousers are a great option for you. If you've struggled with your walking trousers not giving you full protection, check out this range. They can fit over the top of most trousers and are an essential to pack for your next walking trip. What's more, many of our overtrousers come with their own stuff sack, allowing them to be packed down nice and small, allowing you to keep them in your bag for on-demand protection.

Key Features

  • Protection from wind, rain and snow
  • Packable, lightweight trousers for on-the-go protection
  • Quick dry trousers for repeated wear in bad weather
  • Reflective detailing for improved safety

What Makes Our Trousers Waterproof?

To make our waterproof trousers fully ready for the outdoors, we integrate the latest technologies into designs. Combined with features such as taped seams, we're able to ensure that no water is able to seep through any part of the trousers. Want to find out more about our waterproof technologies? Checkout our waterproof clothing buying guide here

Waterproof Walking Trousers vs Waterproof Overtrousers: Things to Consider

A pair of waterproof walking trousers will certainly offer the most convenience, given that you won't have to stop to put on a pair of over trousers. However, over time the durable water repellent treatment will eventually start to wane from frequent use, and you'll start to notice water doesn't roll off the trousers as effectively.

Even something as simple as walking through tall grass - the flicking of the grass against the fabric of your trousers does eventually have an impact, along with other accidental scuffs against boulders and branches. Realistically, this won't be a problem for a long while with a brand new pair of walking trousers, but it can start to happen if you hike frequently.

Waterproof trousers on the other hand, are handy to wear either from the get-go if it's already raining fairly heavily or to bring along in your bag in case you get caught out in it.

If you're one of the many hikers that prefers to hike in a pair of shorts (even if that includes getting your legs wet), the higher you walk the colder it'll get, which why packable overtrousers are so useful to keep at hand before the cold gets too much. If you use them in this way, they'll also retain their water repellent properties for longer as they'll only get used when you need them.

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