The Malawi: Our Best Pop Up Tent

Pop up tents eliminate the stress of pitching and offer a quick way of setting up camp. No more messing about with tent poles or having to learn a new set of instructions, you're able to get straight into the action whether that's weekend outdoor activities with the family or at a music festival with your friends.

If you're looking at buying a pop up tent but aren't quite sure on which is best for you, you've come to the right place. Our long standing range of Malawi pop up tents offer an affordable, lightweight and reliable solution for your next camping trip. In this guide we'll run through the top features of our very best pop up tent, as well as a video on what you can expect from one of our Malawi tents.

Regatta Great Outdoors’ Best Selling Pop Up Tents

Available in a range of bold colourways, it’s easy to see why our Malawi tent is a best-seller. Step away from the utilitarian styling of green tents and choose one that’s more your style! It’ll also make it easy to recognise from afar in a music festival campsite.

Why Choose the Malawi Pop up Tent?

There are plenty of reasons to go for a pop up tent over a traditional tent. Some of the main ones include:

  • Easy Assembly – Pop up tents spring into place without any need for assembly.
  • Lightweight – An important benefit if you intend to carry your tent over long distances.
  • Easy To Pack Away – Once you know how, pop up tents are very straightforward to fold away.
  • Compact – Another reason why these are great for on the go, pop up tents are small and compact for taking on your adventures

We kept these benefits in mind when designing the Malawi tent, building on them to provide even better value for money. The tent pops out in a mere two seconds, needing only the guy lines fixing to complete the pitch.

Inside the Malawi

Capacity wise, the Malawi is a two person tent. Inside, you’ll find all of the usual features seen in traditional tents, including side pockets, a hook to hang up some lighting and venting to allow air flow throughout whilst keeping out insects.

The flysheet offers ample waterproof protection, with a hydrostatic head rating of 3,000mm, accompanied by a hardwearing Polyester groundsheet below, which also prevents water from finding its way in. Whether you’re camping in the rain or in the summer sun, the Malawi tent is perfect for a fun weekend in any weather.

Malawi Tent Dimensions

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