Active Family Checklist

Getting out and about is great isn’t it?

And we’ve all done it. We all leave the house without a worry in the world to find later that we’ve forgotten this and forgotten that and.... DOH! - forgotten that too.

The secret is to be fully prepared before you go, and this starts even earlier than you and I think – it starts with who will go, and the rest will simply follow from there.


Family adventures are usually limited to weekends and school holidays, therefore you have the luxury of planning in advance. Not only will ‘the earlier the cheaper’ rule apply, but it will give you all something to look forward to during those tiresome weeks of school/work.


Pick your day, weekend or other period of time based on who’s going. It is easy to say, ‘Let’s save it till the summer as the weather will be better for ...’ But the great British weather has a habit of throwing curveballs our way, but remember that you CAN have adventures in the rain too!

Now you’ve got the people and the time, you can start looking at the place.


Is the activity dependent on the place or is it the place you are desperate to visit and the activities will fit around that? Is surfing your thing or do you fancy loading the bikes and riding through the countryside? Bear in mind that if you require an overnight stay whether in a camping tent or a cosy B&B, the longer in advance the better.


What to take will vary according to all of the above. However through a simple ‘Adventure kit pack,’ you can tick certain boxes that are essential for every adventure:

  • First Aid Kit – you never know when your next trip will be.
  • Water Bottles – hydration, you have to replenish your liquid levels.
  • Map – never get lost with a good old fashioned map
  • Waterproof Jacket – you never know when you may get caught short. Put it in your pack and it’ll always be there for you when you need it.
  • Camera – that way your memories can be backed up

Now you're prepared, go out and enjoy your active family day out! And here's a little something to help you...

Active Family Checklist

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