Women’s Fabric Face Masks & Face Coverings

Shop Regatta’s brand new range of protective face coverings. Our collection includes plenty of unique patterns, colours and versatile styles to pair with your outfit, protecting against air pollution and lessening the spread of germs without compromising on style. Each product in our selection of ladies fabric face masks come in packs of three, so you’ll always have a spare face cover to keep on hand.

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Women’s Triple Layer Face Masks

Our triple layer face coverings offer the wearer that extra bit of protection in the form of a filter layer housed between the inner and outer layers of the cover. Whilst this type of face cover is slightly heavier than basic models, we’ve added a nose strip to help support the mask and keep it clinging to your face. All fabric face masks in our triple layer range are also water repellent, so they’re great for daily use.

Face Coverings For The Entire Household

If you’re shopping face masks for your family, be sure to check out our complete range of face coverings. You’ll find extra styles, patterns and colours which the kids will love, as well as fun novelty masks for your partner.