Men's Walking Shoes

Built to be reliable and robust, our new line of men's walking shoes are an excellent choice to join you on everything from weekend hikes to dog walks. Within the Regatta range of men's trail shoes, you'll find a variety of casual and outdoor styles which you'll be able to pair with any outdoor outfit. Designed with all of the latest Regatta technologies, you'll benefit from waterproof protection, resistance to accidental bumps and knocks and enhanced grip on loose paths for when you're travelling off the beaten path. Paired with one of our waterproof jackets, you'll be able to put together a formidable outfit to fend off the elements as you enjoy the outdoors. Discover our latest collection of men's hiking shoes below, or check out some of our men's walking boots if you're looking for something even more hard-wearing.

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Robust Trail Shoes For Men

Whether you're on a brisk walk through your local forest or taking the scenic route as you walk your dog, at some point you're going to encounter some rain. That's why we've made sure to protect our range of walking shoes with our latest waterproofing technology. Keeping your feet dry is an important step in preventing blisters when hiking, along with other factors such as proper lacing and making sure your pair of walking shoes fit correctly. Our men's walking shoes are great for walking across all sorts of terrain, but it's off road where they'll really start to shine. Deep lugs and a specialised treat helps maintain optimum grip on loose and slippery surfaces, perfect for hopping across a brook or discovering new paths to explore. Still wondering if a pair of our men's walking shoes are right for you? Have a read of our outdoor footwear buyer's guide to learn more about the different types of Regatta footwear.