Our Fabrics



Regatta isotex fabric is waterproof, windproof and breathable, keeping you dry and comfortable in all your outdoor adventures. The waterproof performance keeps the water out whilst the hydrophilic breathability system allows inner moisture vapour to escape. The DwR outer fabric reinforces the waterproof quality and helps the water to run off whilst adding to the garments windproof performance.

Each isotex fabric is measured by a hydrostatic head level (its ability to withstand a certain amount of downward pressure of water in millimetres). The number it is given relates to its test results and how much water the garment fabric can withstand (mm).

Regatta isolite fabric benefits from the same technologies as isotex, but with the additional feature of being lightweight making it easy to pack away into the garments own bag or pocket.

Hydrafort Fabrics is both waterproof and windproof, provides reliable protection from the elements whilst reducing the production of body heat.

Microwarmth consists of advanced high loft synthetic fibres trapping the air in to keep you toasty and warm in cold, snowy conditions, it is also lightweight providing a high warmth to weight ratio and benefits from being able to pack down and compress into a smaller size.

Regatta warmloft is a synthetic fabric mimicking the benefits of Down. The ultra fine synthetic fibres trap air which provide outstanding warmth and comfort. The breathable insulation is perfect for active wear. it is not bulky and easily compressible making it ideal for adventures. The synthetic fibres dry quickly and help reduce odour.

Thermal Balance Plus fabric is a fleece which provides outstanding warmth to weight ratio, making it ideal for layering garments. This anti-pill fabric makes it soft and durable. it also quickly wicks moisture away keeping you comfortable and free from windchill.

This insulation technology is made up of synthetic fibres which trap the air keeping you warm in cold conditions. it is soft and light with the warmth coming from the high loft insulation. it is also quick drying and easy to care for.

Regatta softshell fabrics are a lightweight approach to traditional layering systems, with the benefit of being easy to wear and containing stretch qualities. softshell fabric is water repellent, wind resistant and offers wicking qualities, meaning softshell garments not only keep you warm but also comfortable during high energy activities. some garments also offer an additional knitted fleece back for added comfort.

softshell furback features a knitted hi pile furback for increased warmth and comfort which increases the internal surface area and improves wicking performance.

Regatta softshell XPT fabric offers all the great qualities of our standard softshell but with even better breathability and lightweight qualities for ease of movement.

Extol stretch is Regatta’s pinnacle stretch fabric technology. it is ideal for a wide range of high energy activities. The active fit stretch yarns allow for greater movement and with a DwR treatment the garment will ensure protection from the rain. completed with a quick drying finish this minimises rain impact and provides protection from windchill.

symmetry fleece fabric is comfortable and practical to wear, perfect for the outdoors. it has an anti-pill finish making it durable and long lasting. it is quick drying, easy to care for and super soft, providing extra comfort.

Regatta coolweave fabrics are made from 100% cotton. This fabric is cool to wear due to its airflow construction. The cotton draws heat away from the skin, keeping you comfortable. The coolweave products are designed to be smart and stylish making them great for travelling, holiday activities and weekend adventures.




Ideal for speed hiking or fast paced activities.

- The sole comprises an ultra lightweight dual density compression moulded EVA midsole and two part rubber outsole.

- DuoGlide sole technology offers a low profile heel to toe drop for close to ground contact, increasing stability over uneven terrain. The two part rubber outsole reduces weight to eliminate foot fatigue.


Offers supreme comfort for trail walking on mixed terrains.

- The sole comprises a dual density compression moulded EVA midsole and rubber outsole.

- X-LT sole technology combines cushioning at the heel for shock absorption with increased stability at the forefoot for prolonged comfort.


Designed for endurance hiking, hill walking and backpacking.

- This sole is made up of a dual density compression moulded EVA midsole and rubber outsole.

- DuoPoint midsole technology contains a cushioning internal soft EVA pocket at the heel to absorb shock for endurance hiking on rugged terrains over hills and mountains.

- Central grip zone of deep multi-directional cleats offers superior traction control and stabilising belt of open lugs around the perimeter of the outsole channels for debris dispersion.


Suitable for multiple activities on wet terrain.

- Super lightweight compression moulded EVA midsole features Aqua Sole Technology with water drainage channels.

- Effi cient transfer of water through drainage channels - quick drying sole keeps feet comfortable.


Ideal for speed on long distance hikes.

- The lightweight outsole consists of a cushioned compression moulded EVA midsole sitting on a supportive low profile rubber outsole.

- DuoGrip sole technology uses a dual rubber compound on the forefoot. Combined with chevron lugs and grain textures on the sole this provides a superior grip.

- The low profi le heel to toe drop is designed for precise motion control and sensitivity across all terrains allowing quicker reaction times, even in wet conditions.