Earth Day 2022: Regatta and Sustainable Clothing

Happy Earth Day!

Here at Regatta, we want sustainability and ethical practises to be at the forefront of everything we do as a group. And over the past few years, we've put a lot of time and effort into making sure that we're doing everything we can to be seen as a sustainable clothing brand.

Sustainable Clothing

When it comes to our clothing, our cotton is sustainably sourced. The cotton that we use is not only better for the environment, thanks to the traditional agricultural methods used to grow it, but it also helps to promote positive practises across the industry.

Women's cotton t-shirt

Women's Polexia Square Neck Top in Navy White Stripes

Alongside the sustainable cotton, we also use recycled plastic bottles in our clothing. In 2021, we stopped just under 10 million bottles from being thrown away and they were transformed into our clothing ranges. We've been able to work with this recycled materials to create pieces like our staple waterproof and insulated jackets, and even our rucksacks and backpacks.

regatta backpack

Kids' Stamford 10L Rucksack in Camo Green and Amberglow

Another ethical change that we have brought into our clothing ranges is the use of fur free and recycled insulation. Feather Free has replaced all the down that used to be in our insulated and padded items. This synthetic down like material provides the same warmth and feel as traditional down. Plus Feather Free is able to perform when wet, unlike down.

Men's insulated jacket

Clumber II Hybrid Insulated Jacket in Moonlight Denim

How can we be an all round sustainable clothing company?

Alongside the changes we have made to create a sustainable clothing brand, we have been a part of even bigger initiatives on a group level, these collectively are known as The Honesty Project.

We are proud to be a part of the Ethical Trading Initiative, who's aim is to ensure that all the workers in our factories are treated fairly and provided with good working conditions.

The female workers in our Bangladeshi factories are able to take part in The Regatta Health Education Program. This program has been put in place to help educate them on a mix of health, hygiene, nutrition and finance. Over 10,000 workers from across 6 different factories have taken part in the program.

You can find out more about everything that comes under the Honesty Project here.

You can shop our Sustainable Clothing here.

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