dog walking essentials

Dog Walking Essentials

From walks along the beach to mountain hikes with your furry friend, take a look at this dog walking essentials list and kit yourself out for the best possible walks! Whether you’re a new dog owner or just looking for some new dog walking bits, there’s sure to be something you’ll need in this guide.

Dog Walking Clothing

Waterproof Jacket

We all know the British weather is unpredictable at best. Avoid being caught out on your next dog walk with a waterproof jacket. If you’re shopping in the warmer months, why not take a look at our breathable waterproof jackets which will help to keep you cool in mild weather while also offering shower-beating protection. Equally, if you're walking your dog in the dark, you should opt for a reflective jacket for extra visibility.

Breathable T-Shirts

Stay cool on long walks or summer adventures with a breathable t-shirt. The wicking material will help to shift moisture away from the skin so it can evaporate quickly, leaving your top dry and light. Breathable t-shirts are especially useful under a waterproof jacket or fleece. Why not see what difference they can make on your next walk.


Over winter a fleece is a great layering piece to wear underneath a waterproof jacket while walking the dog. Having layered clothing will help to retain heat when cold temperatures set in. In warmer weather, you’ll also be able to wear your fleece over a t-shirt for just the right amount of weather protection.

Waterproof Boots

With a pair of waterproof walking boots, you’ll be able to avoid that uncomfortable feeling of wet feet when roaming in the fields or down country trails. Stop through those puddles with a carefree attitude thanks to our Isotex technology which will keep the water out while also providing a sturdy base if you’re walking over uneven ground.

Dog Walking Equipment

Dog Walking Lead

A real essential for any dog walk, take your pick between an extendable lead or fixed length lead depending on your own personal preference. Some dog walkers carry a spare lead while walking, so if you’re new outdoor adventures with a dog why not try both and see which is right for you.

Portable Dog Bowl

Carrying a portable dog bowl can be really useful on long walks and sunny days outside. You’ll be able to easily pour water into a portable dog bowl, giving your thirsty pooch a well-needed drink!

Dog Toys

You can use dog toys for a reward or just some fun when you’re on a walk. If your pooch loves to snap at other dogs but behaves well, why not reward them with a small toy to encourage good behaviour. Nothing says well done quite like a squeaky pig or tennis ball now does it…

Hi-Vis Dog Coat

Help your dog stay safe on the road or in the dark with a high vis dog coat. Jackets with reflective details can be really useful when walking down country roads or paths where it could be difficult to spot your pup.

Waste Bags

Waste bags are an unfortunate essential on any dog walk. Make sure to be a responsible owner and clean up after your four-legged child. Why not help save the planet while you’re there by opting for biodegradable waste bags!

Got any extras?

Help out your fellow dog walkers by leaving a comment below with some top dog walking tips or any essentials of your own.

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