Campfire Quesadillas

Cooking around the campfire. Some love it, others hate it. Mainly due to all the clean-up required afterwards.

If you're packing light and don't fancy alternating between beans and rice, this quesadilla camping recipe will give you a new option to add to your outdoorsy menu.

In this guide, we're going to teach you how to make them!

Campfire Quesadillas: Benefits & Preparation

Quesadillas offer similar perks to our camping omelette recipe, in that there's loads of variety in terms of the ingredients you can use. They're by no means haute cuisine, but they're:

  • Cheap
  • Super simple to make
  • Require minimal backpack space

Another benefit is that you don't have to keep the ingredients refrigerated like you do with other dishes, nor do you have to prepare anything in advance, which saves you from lugging around a cooling box. Equally, if you're staying on a local campsite you might even be able to nip to the nearby shops to gather the ingredients, so you may not even have to bring them along in your bag in the first place.

Campfire Quesadillas: Recipe

The ingredients are very basic for Quesadillas, all you need are some flour Tortillas and some shredded cheese, everything else is optional. For the sake of this recipe guide, we're going to make some simple ham and cheese quesadillas. Here's what you'll need for each serving:

  • 2 Tortillas
  • A handful of shredded cheese
  • Some chopped ham
  • Tin foil (if you aren't using a pan)


  1. Rip off some tinfoil into a square large enough to hold one of your tortillas.
  2. Place one tortilla onto the tinfoil, then generously coat the tortilla with a handful or two of shredded cheese, covering the entire surface area of the tortilla.
  3. Next, tear up some slices of ham and add them on top of the cheese.
  4. Finally, cover the prepared quesadilla with one more tortilla.

Your Quesadilla is now assembled and ready to be cooked.

Cooking Your Quesadillas

In order to cook your Quesadillas, you'll need:

and either a

  • Campfire with a grate
  • Stove with a pan

Tip: If you need help constructing a campfire, we've written a handy guide on how to make a campfire to save you some trouble.


  1. Place your prepared quesadillas onto your grate/pan
  2. Leave one side to cook until the cheese starts to melt
  3. Turn the quesadilla over onto the other side
  4. Once both sides of the tortilla are nice and crispy and the cheese has melted, remove the quesadilla and serve.

There you have it! Your campfire quesadillas are now ready to be eaten. Enjoy this quick and easy snack without having to worry about scrubbing away at your crockery afterwards.

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