5 Great Ideas for Re-using Your Old Wellies

Recycling your old wellies is a great way to reduce the amount of waste we create and to reduce our impact on the environment. Once you decide your wellies are not fit for wearing anymore, you can still find many other uses for them. Here are some ideas for up-cycling your old wellies…


Instead of buying new storage boxes, use your old wellies to keep all your garden tools, DIY essentials or other household items together in one place. Put two little holes at the top of each boot and some thick string through them to create a useful handle.

Garden Shoes

Your wellies might be past it for wearing out and about in the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be worn. Old wellies are great for wearing as gardening shoes, even if there a couple of holes in them, you’ll still get a fair amount of use out of them.

Plant Pots

Why not turn your old wellies into plant pots? It’s a quick, simple and fun way to re-use them, just pop a few holes in them (if there isn’t already!) to allow water to drain away and you’re ready to plant your flowers. You could create hanging baskets or regular plant pots.


If you have a scarecrow in your garden or field, why not give him his own pair of wellies? The perfect finishing touch to his outfit! Or you could keep hold of them until Bonfire Night and use them for your Guy Fawkes.


If you have old wellies with no holes in them, then consider donating them to a charity where you know someone will benefit from them. The rainy winter months can leave those less fortunate with cold and wet feet, so they’re sure to get plenty of use from them.

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