How to Lace Walking Boots

Lacing your footwear properly makes a world of difference. Discover how to get the most out of your walking boots or hiking shoes with these handy lacing methods.

Traditional Lacing

This classic lacing technique is a go to if you’re needing a simple style that will remain secure.

Heel Slip Lacing

This helps people with narrow heels who experience some heel slippage.

Volume Lacing

This can relieve pressure across the top of the foot for those who have raised arch’s.

Forefoot Lacing

For someone with a wider forefoot who needs a little more volume.

Lace Lock Lacing

This technique acts as a locking lace to allow more adjustability.

Free Collar Lacing 1

Tying the lace off in this way is perfect for someone who is just getting used to wearing boots and allows the collar to open up.

Free Collar Lacing 2

Another technique for someone who isn’t used to wearing boots and allows the top of the collar to open up further.


Always place your heel on the floor whilst sitting, to remove weight off the actual foot. This allows for better lacing and the heel to be more secure, reducing the risk of heel slippage.