Top 10 things to do at Easter

Easter is a fantastic time for the kids to have a holiday from school, as spring is springing and the weather tends to be pleasant (if a little April showery). If you’ll be joining them and taking some much-needed leave over Easter, it’s time to start planning some fun, family-friendly Easter activities - and we’ve got some great ideas.

Children hunting for eggs in an Easter egg hunt while wearing bunny ears.

Children hunting for eggs in an Easter egg hunt while wearing bunny ears.

When do kids break up for Easter?

Easter Sunday this year is on 12th April 2020. Although the dates may vary between regions, most schools break up for Easter on Friday 3rd April. Most children will then get a whole two weeks off, returning on Monday 20th April.

Things To Do With The Kids This Easter

If you’re worried about the kids being bored over the two-week Easter break, don’t panic. There are lots of fun, educational things you can do together. Make the most of the great outdoors and enjoy spending time together for free, where all you’ll need is a waterproof jacket and a sense of adventure. Here are some ideas:

1. Go bird watching

Wrap up warm, pop on some raincoats and wellies and hit your local countryside to spot some birds. Spring is a great time to see a variety of species, as it’s breeding season. Take a tick list or even a colouring sheet and see who can spot the most species. And don’t forget your picnic!

2. Start a ‘get active’ challenge

If you feel your family spends just a little too much time snuggled up on the sofa watching TV, why not use the Easter holidays as an opportunity to get moving? Challenge your family to do at least half an hour of vigorous activity a day, whether it’s walking, running, swimming or even disco dancing in the kitchen. Keep your regime varied so you don’t get bored, and let the kids play a part in choosing the activity for the day. It’s also the perfect way to burn off all those Easter eggs.

3. Fly kites on the beach

Many people don’t plan trips to the seaside until summer, but you could be missing out. The UK’s coast is beautiful in spring, with a smattering of sunshine and refreshing breezes to blow those cobwebs away. Take your kites, buckets and spades, ball games and perhaps even the family pooch for an Easter day out at the beach.

4. Go camping 

Holidays over Easter can be expensive, as all the prices shoot up when schools are out. You can save your pennies and still enjoy a fun family getaway by going camping though. You’ll need a sturdy tent and some other kit, but then you can go virtually anywhere. And if it rains, you can stay cosy under cover and tell ghost stories or play board games. Or why not embrace the rain, heading off for a walk and finding the biggest puddles to splash in?

5. Visit a local museum or gallery

If you have a look online at what’s going on in your local area, you’ll probably find that many museums are free and also have special family-friendly events on over Easter. Get out and take advantage of these fantastic local venues, learn something new and get to grips with some hands-on exhibitions.

6. Plan a walk or a cycle ride

Get out and explore your local area, challenging your family to plan a different route every day (or every other day, if you need a rest). It could be a woodland walk, a canal-side cycle path, a day in the park or whatever you like.

Children playing on bouncy balls at a camp site.

Fun Easter Activities

Easter activities for kids

We’ve already looked at six brilliant ways to spend your Easter holidays as a family, but now it’s time for the big ones - Easter egg hunts, bonnet making and other egg-tastic activities!

7. Easter egg hunt

It wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt. You can either join an organised hunt in your local area or plan your own in the back garden.

8. Egg rolling

Sometimes, the simplest pleasures are the best. Teach your kids the centuries-old game of egg rolling, which starts with decorating your eggs in whatever creative way you like. When they’re done, roll them down a nearby hill to see whose egg makes it down first and in one piece!

9. Bonnet making

This is a fun and creative way to spend time over Easter, making a beautiful Easter bonnet decorated with feathers, paint, glitter or whatever else you like. Don’t forget to have a little fashion show at the end!

10. Easter crafts

As well as bonnet making, there are lots of other Easter crafts you and the kids can do - from creating cards for loved ones to making Easter chicks and even baking.

Painted Easter Eggs In A Tray

Easter Egg Crafts

How to make an Easter egg hunt

The key to planning a good Easter egg hunt is simplicity, especially if younger children will be taking part. Don’t hide too many eggs (or they’ll never be found) or make the clues too difficult. You can try to keep order by getting the kids to work in teams. Hide your eggs around the garden - or the house if it’s raining - and consider having one main chocolate prize at the end rather than using chocolate eggs. If over excited kids eat as they go, you could end up with a sugar-related meltdown on your hands.


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