The Regatta Guide to Alternative Christmas Gifts!

Want to take a less commercial approach to Christmas this year? Or perhaps you're struggling to find a Christmas gift for the person that has everything? Well, there are lots of options out there that don't involve a mad panic-buying spree at you local shopping centre.

Take a look at these money-can't buy ideas that are both easier on the planet, and your wallet.

Give the Gift of Time

If we could have one wish granted, many of us would wish for more time - there just aren't enough hours in the day to do both everything we need to do and want to do. So sadly, it's the fun things that end up going out the window. So why not give your time to another person to free them up to do more of the things they enjoy? From an hour of ironing or gardening, to washing someone's car or taking their dog for a walk, this kind of gift is guaranteed to be appreciated. You could even make up some 'vouchers' to be cashed in!

Edible (and Drinkable) Gifts

They say that the way to a person's heart is through their stomach, so what could be a better gift at Christmas than something made with love? Chutney, jam, rose hip syrup and fruit flavoured gin are all surprisingly easy to make and are perfect if you grow your own fruit and veg or like to go foraging. You can use recycled jam jars and bottles then get creative trimming them with handmade labels and ribbon. Cakes, biscuits, macarons, jelly sweets and marshmallows all make lovely homemade presents, and when packaged up prettily even the simplest cornflake cake is sure to be appreciated. And if they turn out a bit wonky? Well that just makes them all the more unique! Need some inspiration? Pinterest is filled with easy ideas - just search for what you want.

Make Some Memories

When we want to have a day out, so often our brains go blank about where to go! So why not write down lots of ideas for different walks and places to visit and put them all in a nice jar and give it to a loved one. Then they can pick out a day trip from the jar... and off you go!

Green-fingered Gifts

Seeds and bulbs make an inexpensive gift but one that the recipient will reap the benefits from tenfold. If you're green-fingered yourself, why not take cuttings from your own plants and give those? You could even write little a handbook to go with it with instructions for how to care for each plant throughout the year.

Scrapbook / Pinboard

In this digital age we so rarely print out photos anymore, we forgot how great it can be! Especially when someone goes to the trouble of doing it for us. Stick favourite photos in a scrapbook along with memories, gig tickets, stickers and other mementos or arrange them all on a pinboard to hang on a wall.

Still stuck for gift ideas? Have a read of our gift guide, where you'll find all of our best present ideas for walkers.

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