The Complete List of Back To School Supplies

It’s almost time for the kids to pack their bags and head back off to school. Organising everything your little ones will need before returning to the classroom can be a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be. By starting early and planning ahead, you can have everything ready without the rush. To make your life a little easier, we’ve put together a list of all the back to school essentials you’ll need for the school year. To make things even easier, we’ve also created a back to school checklist so you can tick off everything your young learners will need.

Back to School Checklist

Looking for a quick checklist? Click to download the Regatta Back To School Checklist. It’s a super simple document to make the mayhem of back to school that little bit easier. You may not need everything on the checklist, simply cross out what you think isn't necessary.


Primary School Uniform List

1. School Jumper and Cardigan

You may need to kit your child out with a new school jumper in time for the new school year. It's best to purchase a badged jumper (if it's available for your child's school).

2. School Shirts or Polo Shirts

An essential piece of everyday school wear. Make sure you stock up on either polo shirts or school shirts in time for the new Primary School year.

3. School Trousers

Check whether your child still fits into their school trousers before they return to school. It's always a good idea to have a spare pair ready to use, just in case your child damages or loses a pair!

4. School Shoes

Your child will need a pair of smart black shoes which are durable and up to the tests they will be put through over the next school year.

5. P.E Kit

Don't forget to have your child's sports kit ready! Usually, it's best to include a durable pair of trainers, sports shorts, a t-shirt, as well as joggers and a fleece for cold weather

6. Book Bag

For the ease of carrying reading books to and from school, a book bag can be a great addition to your child's school kit. Book bags are often sold by the school so check with your child's school if you are in need of one.

Secondary School Uniform List

1. School Blazer

It's common for Secondary School's to have a blazer as part of their uniform. If your little one is starting at a new school this year, check whether a school blazer is part of the requirements.

2. School Shirts

Most Secondary School's require their students to wear either white or blue shirts as part of their everyday uniform. Check the specific requirements for your child's school and purchase some shirts accordingly.

3. School Trousers or Skirt

Before sending your child back to school, check they haven't grown out of their school trousers over summer. Ideally, you should have 2/3 pairs of school trousers for your child to wear.

4. School Shoes

It's always best to choose a durable pair of black shoes which can deal with everyday use, especially if your child plays outdoors during break time and lunch.

5. School Jumper

As the temperature drops over winter, your child could benefit from a warm school jumper.

6. Sports Kit

Make sure you have all the necessary bits ready for P.E classes. In addition to a sports top, shorts and trainers, your child may also be required to bring a pair of football boots.

Bad Weather Clothing for School

To keep the kids happy, treat them to a new jacket for the upcoming school year. We have a huge range of reliable, stylish kids' waterproof jackets which are perfectly suited for school, as well as some kids' parkas for when the weather really turns bad.

2. Waterproof Overtrousers

In case of bad weather have a pair of waterproof overtrousers available for the walk to and from school. They will stop your child's uniform becoming wet and uncomfortable from the rain.

3. Wellies

The champion of wet weather essentials, a good pair of wellies will avoid your children damaging their school shoes in wet weather.

4. Beanie Hat & Gloves

Make frosty school runs in winter a little more bearable with a beanie hat and gloves. We have a huge collection of stylish designs for both boys and girls, shop our online collection now so you're ready in time for September.

For extra warmth and comfort, you may want to provide your children with a warm fleece. Our fleeces are highly affordable and perfect for everyday wear at school.

Classroom & Everyday Equipment

Having a reliable backpack for everyday use is essential for the upcoming school year. A large backpack which is big enough for a lunchbox, water bottle, folders and other daily essentials is preferential.

2. Pencil Case & Stationary

Pack your kids' pencil case full of all their classroom essentials including pens, pencils, a ruler and a rubber. For a full list of everything your child may need, download our free checklist and take it with you to the stationary shop.

3. School Diary

Help your child get organized with an academic diary. They'll be ready on day one to write down all their homework and upcoming tasks.

4. Ring Binder Folder & Organizational Contents

Ring binders are useful for storing all the loose pieces of paper your child will collect over the year. For secondary school children, it is advisable to have one folder per subject. To keep each folder organised, it's advisable to also use some file dividers and plastic wallets.

5. Water Bottle

Make sure your child stays hydrated at school by providing them with a water bottle to fill up throughout the day.

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