Outdoor Halloween Party Activities

We've created a handy guide with some useful children's party games for all ages to participate in this October 31st. All of these games can be played outside in the comfort of your own home or can be played at a sociable distance if you're looking to host a small Halloween party this year.

Halloween Crafts

If you want to encourage creativity why not step up a craft station on a spooky table as suggested earlier you will have the perfect place for some Halloween crafts, while we all have to wear face masks at the moment why not create some cool Halloween masks and host a competition for the scariest.

There are many other crafting activities you and your guests can participate in from making spiders to making pumpkins. These are great to do in the lead up to the festivities but any can be turned into a contest for the best, spookiest or scariest!

Alternatively, you could create your own garden decorations for other kids to spot as they walk by your house - such as our mini monsters!

Mini Monsters Activity

Create your own Mini Monster wherever your adventure this Halloween with a few easy steps and some magic to bring them to life!

You'll Need...

  • White paper plates / or White card
  • Black card
  • Small bowl
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil


1. Place two paper plates down on a clean workspace to roughly stencil out a smaller circle on the inside, these are going to be the position of the pupils.
2. Then, use a small bowl placing it downward onto black card, drawing around the bowl to create a guide to cut out for the pupils.
3. Cut out the black circles using scissors, then glue one side of each circle. Stick the black down onto the white plate/card to create your Mini Monsters eyes
4. After the glue has dried, take your pair of eyes outside to a bush and place then rest upright to create your own Mini Monster

Monster eyes on a bush

If you don't want the fun to stop there, take your eyes out on your next walk and see how many Mini monsters you can create. Download this guide to follow when you come to make them.

Share your Mini Monsters with us on Instagram! #RegattaMiniMonsters

Top tip - If you're creating a few Mini Monsters cut out different sizes of black card following step 2 to create different styles of Monsters

What Halloween Games Can We Play Outside?

Apple Bobbing

The age-old traditional game of Apple Bobbing can still be played safely during these uncertain times. If you are unsure how Apple Bobbing works, the rules are simple: fill up a bucket of water and place apples in the bucket, each player takes a turn to try and catch the apples using only their teeth.

To play this game safely it is important to ensure you have a separate bucket for each child and that each bucket is 2 meters apart. This twist on Apple Bobbing allows all players to take part at once, use this to your advantage and set a timer to see which player can collect the most apples within your set time.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Why not create a scavenger hunt around your garden, you can make this as simple or hard as you wish depending on the age of you children or guests. Get yourself prepared before Halloween and print off some spooky clues for the hidden treasure or if you do not have access to a printer simply write down some clues on paper.

When you guests arrive simply divide them into teams, provide them with a treat bag to collect their treasure just as if they were trick or treating and there you go a simple game for all ages.

Bean Bag Toss

First you will need to carve a pumpkin, follow the simple steps from BBC Guide if you are unsure. The pumpkin will act as the target to throw the bean bags inside of, therefore make sure you carve a hole big enough for your bean bags.

This game can be played two ways depending on how many pumpkins and bean bags available. Either place each pumpkin 2 metres apart allowing each child to play at the same time, you can even set a timer and see which player gets the most bean bag
inside the pumpkin. If you only have one pumpkin allow each player to take it in turns to throw the bean bag inside the pumpkin. Remember to ensure players sanitise in between each go.

Halloween Bingo

Bingo can be a great game for children, it provides fun whilst also teaching them too. To play, set out a spooky table keeping all chairs 2 meters apart and provide your players with bingo cards. For younger children Artsy-Fartsy Mama has great bingo card templates to use. If your children are
older Sunshine and Hurricanes has numbered Halloween Cards that your children will enjoy.

Now all left is to play some spooky background music and assign a bingo caller. You can either play for a line or a full house; it is entirely up to you but be sure to inform your players. To add a Halloween twist instead of asking your players to
shout "bingo" when they have a line or a full house encourage them to shout something festive for example "pumpkins".

Trick or Treating at Home

Go all out on your decorations this year, if you're planning on staying home then decorations are key to keeping the festive spirit alive for your little ones. There are many DIY decoration ideas you can use to decorate your house with little cost.

Don't forget to decorate your back door or any doors you have in your garden in a cool spooky theme, get your buckets of sweets at the
ready, play some spooky music and let your children trick or treat at your own door.

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