Regatta makes great products that you can afford. Clothing that brings you outside to enjoy the fresh air without worrying about what it costs.

Clothing and footwear for every adventure, whether for hiking, walking, camping, gardening or for your free time!

Regatta has helped millions of people experience their own adventure since 1981, and not just in the UK.
Regatta exports to over 55 countries worldwide and has its own sales offices throughout mainland Europe and Asia.

Regatta has a long tradition in producing high quality waterproof products - for three generations - and still retains the same family values ​​as in the beginning.


Dare2b sets trends and introduces new technologies to create exciting outdoor performance apparel.

We have set ourselves the task of designing and producing the most powerful and affordable sportswear in the world.
In addition, we enable people to lead a sportier, fun and adrenalin-rich life through sport.

We sell our products in over 65 countries and develop collections for a variety of sports, including racing and running apparel.

Over the years, we have had a major impact on the industry, working with partners from mountain areas such as Tignes and Sierra Nevada to provide building blocks for the work of professionals on the slopes.
Other collaborations include working with our partner charities such as Snow Camp and working with world-famous cycling events and athletes.


When Craghoppers came up with the idea in 1965 of turning the passion for travel into an authentic business, the team felt they were making an exciting and sometimes dangerous journey into the unknown.
In retrospect, her perseverance has paid off and Craghoppers is now recognized as a global outdoor and adventure travel specialist.

The world may have evolved over the past 50 years, but its mission today is the same as it was decades ago - to create a comfortable and functional clothing collection. We try to improve every year by introducing new designs using the latest technologies, making our products comfortable, lightweight, waterproof, insulating and UV-protective

Meanwhile, we are the world leader in outdoor and hiking pants. One of our biggest achievements is NosiLife - a complete, lightweight adventure collection that provides lasting and safe protection against biting insects and their transmitted diseases.

Today, we are honored to share our wanderlust with millions of people - fellow travelers who are also interested in exploring the remotest areas of our beautiful planet and sharing their experiences with others.

Regatta Professional

Regatta Professional are leaders in professional, re-brandable workwear. With 64 years of experience Regatta Professional has been providing workforces with reliable clothing for decades.

Regatta Professional exports to over 54 countries worldwide with dedicated sales offices across Europe, Israel and the US. Shipping over 15 million units a year our business-to-business team are committed to bringing new innovative products to the market.

Discover quality workwear for all professions from waterproof jackets to holster trousers and much more. All designs are unbranded and ready for your companies personalisation.

Tactical Threads

Part of the Regatta Professional group, Tactical Threads is a dedicated workwear brand designed for tradesmen. Established in 2018, Tactical Threads combines fresh ideas and designs with years of experience from Regatta Professional.

The range combines cutting edge fabrics and technologies with stylish design that can be worn both on and off the job.