Waterproof Clothing Buying Guide

Here at Regatta, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality waterproof clothing which is designed for anyone to use. Our latest waterproof collection has been created to provide maximum comfort and style while exploring the great outdoors, with the added edge of using the latest technologies to provide unrivalled performance. By using waterproof, breathable, moisture wicking and active stretch fabrics, Regatta waterproof clothing enables our customers to explore in all weather conditions.

Symbols To Look Out For

When choosing our product check out the following grading system


Our innovative Isotex technology is the basis of our waterproof fabrics. It needs to be tested before we can call a garment fully waterproof. Using the hydrostatic head machine as a testing benchmark, we can ascertain the amount of water pressure needed to penetrate the fabric. To get the hydrostatic head rating, we increase the pressure of water that is pushed against the fabric until water is pushed through to the other side, and can be visibly seen. The height of the column of water that can penetrate the fabric is then recorded in millimetres. For example, if a fabric can withstand a column of water of 1,500mm, then it will be classed with a hydrostatic head of 1,500. Regatta fabrics can reach up to 20,000mm, which is an impressive 20 metre high column of water.

Rating Look out for Resistance
3,000mm Isotex Fabric can resist 3,000mm of water pressure
5,000mm Isotex 5000 Fabric can resist 5,000mm of water pressure
10,000mm Isotex 10,000 Fabric can resist 10,000mm of water pressure
15,000mm Isotex 15,000 Fabric can resist 15,000mm of water pressure
20,000mm Isotex 20,000 Fabric can resist 20,000mm of water pressure

Our level of waterproofing is often shown as an Isotex level. All of our isotex products are waterproof, but the higher the isotex number, the more pressure it can withstand.


With a waterproof hydrostatic head of 3000mm, the waterproof performance keeps the water out whilst the hydrophilic breathability system allows inner moisture vapour to escape.

ISOTEX 5000 - 15000

Isotex 5000 - 15000 fabrics are waterproof, breathable and windproof; the hydrophilic breathable system allows inner moisture vapour to escape. Designed to keep you dry and comfortable outdoors.

ISOTEX STRETCH 5000 - 20000

Isotex Stretch fabrics are waterproof, breathable and windproof; the hydrophilic breathable system allows inner moisture vapour to escape. Designed to keep you dry and comfortable outdoors whilst the active t stretch yarns give greater comfort and movement.


A waterproof and breathable lightweight fabric range designed to keep you dry and comfortable outdoors. Isolite 5000 has a hydrostatic head of 5000mm.

What is DWR?

Durable water repellent fabric is often confused with waterproofing. Fabric treated with our DWR finish will cause water to bead on the surface, so instead of soaking through the garment, the water or rain should gather on the surface and roll off the fabric.

Regatta Waterproof Jackets

Water Repellency

When products aren’t water repellent they can ‘wet out’ in the rain. This makes them heavy and cold to wear. Water repellency is the ability of water to bead of a fabric surface. We test our fabrics by spraying them with a shower system to see if the water penetrates or sits on the surface. These are then rated by the amount of drops being absorbed. 100% water repellency is written as 100 ISO 5.

How We Test Our Waterproof Jackets

We test our fabrics by spraying them in a shower system to see if the water penetrates of sits on the surface. These are then rates by the amount of drops being absorbed.

What Makes a Jacket Waterproof?

Waterproof coatings

We use Polyurethane Hydrophilic backed coatings which makes the waterproof coating breathable from the inside of the fabric, hence moisture vapour transmission can take place. The coating is applied via different methods, either by liquid scraper or lm/laminate method, both of which are applied to the back side of the fabric. In both methods the coatings are applied following technical specifications set within the fabric technical department. We also apply a water repellent coating to the face side of the fabric, which prevents it from wetting out.

Taped Seams

It is also important to look out for whether the jacket your are buying has taped seams.All products stated as waterproof must have taped seams. During the production process seams create thousands of needle holes that water can penetrate through. In order to prevent this a thermoplastic tape can be applied over the seam using heat and pressure. This process will seal the seams keeping the wearer dry and warm.


Breathable fabrics are tested for moisture vapour transmission to ensure that vapour can pass through the material easily from the inside. Breathability is achieved by the use of Hydrophilic coatings or membranes. These allow moisture to pass through the fabric, which is known as moisture vapour transmission. We use Polyurethane as our Hydrophilic component. For Isotex/Isotex 5000 we will apply a Polyurethane (PU) coating. For our more technical Isotex 20,000 fabric we use a Polyurethane (PU) membrane. The membrane is bonded to the fabric and yields more superior breathability. This makes our Isotex 20,000fabric 30% more breathable than the standard Isotex family.

Elasticated & Adjustable Cuffs

All of our waterproof jackets and coats feature either elasticated or adjustable cuffs. This is to prevent water dripping down your sleeves. On a lot of Regatta lifestyle jackets these are underneath the outer cuff, so as not to compromise on the design. This is another feature that makes our lifestyle waterproof jackets stand out when compared to a lot of high street equivalents.

How To Wash & Maintain Your Regatta Waterproof Jacket

Our waterproof clothing usually consists of an inner membrane or coating, which provides waterproofing, and a textile outer layer normally treated with a DWR finish, known as the water-repellent finish. Understandably it may not be clear how to maintain such products. Cleaning a garment reduces dirt, sweat, salts, bacteria and many other items of debris, which can reduce the performance of a technical garment. Over time the original DWR finish on the surface of the garment can wear, which then causes water to gather on the surface of the product, known as wetting out. This wetting out causes a number of issues; reduced breathability, increased garment weight and slower drying time prior to being stored. Reapplying a DWR finish will improve performance of your garment to its original state and extend the usable life of the garment. All our products come with information on the exact fibre content of fabrics which are confirmed on their care label in line with EU regulations, along with detailed garment specific washing and care instructions. Please make sure you read these care instructions to get the most out of your jacket. If you have a Regatta store nearby, please pop in and buy some spray on waterproofer and wash in waterproofer to extend the life of your waterproof jacket.

Regatta Waterproof Pants

Waterproof Pants: How We Waterproof Them


Our range of waterproof pants are made from Isolite fabric. Isolite offers the same stalwart protection as Isotex, but with the added benefit of being lightweight. This means moisture vapour will still be able to escape, thanks to the Hydrophilic backed coating applied inside the pants during the manufacturing process, ensuring maximum breathability.Isolite 5000 fabric has a hydrostatic head of 5000mm. pants with this technology are designed to keep you dry and warm outdoors, however we’ve been mindful to make these pants as easy to pack and fold as possible so that they’re invaluable for activities that require this level of protection, such as camping.

Hydrafort Fabric

Regatta Hydrafort fabrics are both waterproof and windproof. This means they aren’t as thin and easily packed away as our Isolite / Isolite 5000 pants nor do they offer the same level of breathability.

Taped Seams

If it doesn’t have taped seams - it’s not waterproof. We apply a thermoplastic tape over the thousands of stitches our waterproof pants consist of, shielding the tiny holes made in the stitching from water seeping through as well as helping defend against harsh winds.

Elasticated & Adjustable Cuffs

Our collection of waterproof pants feature either an elastic or adjustable cuff, helping to prevent water finding its way up your lower leg as you splash through puddles whilst cycling or running. It’s also handy incase you need to tuck the end of your pants into your wellies, for complete protection from the weather.


Regatta's range of wellies protect from the elements, whilst maintaining a fashionable, maintenance-free finish. Perfect for rainy school runs, muddy outdoor adventures and jumping in puddles, our wellies are guaranteed to keep your feet dry without compromising on appeal or comfort.

EVA Comfort Footbed

EVA cushioning for shock absorption with increased stability at the forefoot for prolonged comfort.


High performance waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane technology, for outstanding waterproof footwear.


Vulcanised natural rubber construction gives durable weather protection.


All of our products come with a 12 month guarantee, and our Isotex products come with a 3 year guarantee. Our Isotex fabric is waterproof, breathable and windproof to keep you dry and comfortable in the Great Outdoors! We’re sure it will offer you ultimate protection that we offer a 3 year guarantee with all our Isotex products. In the unlikely event of a fault developing with an item we will arrange a replacement or provide goods of the same value as the faulty product. Once you’ve received your item fill in the register guarantee form online to make sure your product is covered. Register your guarantee here