Boys' Waterproof Jackets

Our Boys' Waterproof Jackets come in a wide range of colours and styles to suit everyone's wants and needs. Technical features include: a breeze-blocking elasticated collar, reflective trims, hood and hem, seam sealed fabric to keep in heat and soft touch taffeta. Here at Regatta, we've got an extensive range of boys waterproof jackets to keep your little lad nice and dry, especially when they're trying to obliterate themselves with water by splashing about in puddles. Our boys waterproofs offer resilient protection against both water and wind thanks to the latest in Regatta waterproofing technology , whether that's Hydrafort, Isoflex or Isotex, you'll be able to find the right balance between wind-breaking and rain repelling for your boys raincoat.

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Choosing The Right Boys' Waterproof Jacket

We've a range of timeless colours, patterns and designs to choose from, catering to an age range of 2yrs to 13yrs. Many of our boys waterproof jackets also feature a reflective trim, maximising the visibility of your child as they accompany you on the walk home from school or stay playing out late into the evening with their friends.

Our wider collection of kids waterproof jackets are available in plenty of different colourways popular with kids, most notably blue, green yellow and black.

Design features of our boys rain jacket selection also offer some variety, with cuffed or velcro adjustable sleeves as well as fitted or adjustable hoods available. Ergonomically placed zip-up pockets also provide easy access to storage and help prevent precious cargo from falling out when running around or cycling.

The lightweight, breathable fabrics we use are effective at regulating temperature as the climate changes, but they also serve a double purpose in that they're nice and easy to fold up and store in a school bag.

Looking for your boy's next waterproof coat, but aren't quite sure what to look for? We've covered the full range of design features over on our jacket buyer's guide.

Why Choose A Regatta Boys Raincoat?

Kids grow quickly. This is an enormous factor parents have to consider when shopping for something as significant as a waterproof jacket that they're going to need for the most