What are Taped Seams?

Taped seams are an important part of any waterproof product, they're one of the core features that determines whether a product can actually be labelled as fully waterproof. Whether it's a waterproof jacket or a tent, if two panels of fabric are stitched together, tiny holes will be created during the stitching process, which need to be lined otherwise water can (and will) find its way through. Here, you'll learn all about taped seams and what they're for.

Taped Seams: What Are They?

On the inside of the product, you'll find a layer of tape which follows where a garment has been stitched together. This tape is typically applied using heat and acts in a similar way to the inner waterproof membrane and coating of the jacket - it creates a fully waterproof seal over the stitching holes.

When paired with a waterproof membrane and durable water repellent treatment, a product can then be labelled as fully waterproof, as no water will be able to penetrate the outer face of the jacket. It's a simple yet important step in the construction of our waterproof clothing and camping equipment.

Want To Learn More About Regatta Waterproof Technologies?

If you're keen to learn more about how we waterproof our outdoor products, you can discover an in-depth guide over on our waterproof technologies page. You'll learn all about water repellency, how we test our waterproof gear, and get to know our main waterproof label - Isotex.

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