Wanda - The Irish Guide Dog

Meet Wanda - the Irish Guide Dog that Regatta are proud to sponsor...

Wanda is almost 10 months old (so over half way on her puppy raising journey). She paid a visit to Regatta’s Irish HQ while her puppy raiser was away for the day. Wanda loved the new fundraising team’s Regatta jackets and gave them an enthusiastic two paws up! As you can see Wanda is a stunning girl and is growing in to a great future hero. She is bright, bubbly, full of energy but very intelligent!

As part of our sponsorship, Regatta are funding the first year of training for Wanda. The €5,000 sponsorship covers the dog's vitally important first year of training where they begin their journey to providing life changing services. As part of the sponsorship Regatta are providing over €2000 in much needed clothing for the sponsorship team, keeping them warm and dry while they fulfil the various jobs, including fundraising, dog walking and events.

Suzanne, Wanda’s trainer says;
"Wanda is doing great on her puppy raising journey so far. Like Regatta she loves being outdoors as you can see in the pics! She also loves her free runs and the beach! She is great travelling in the car and bus and has even been on a train. Wanda loves people and is especially great with children. We live in an estate and she is a hit with everyone. My kids are on holidays at the moment and getting to work with Wanda on her training now they are on their summer break. Wanda is a clever girl and fast learner. We are teaching her some basic commands with the support of trainer Catherine from the Guide Dogs and Wanda is picking things up well. She is almost 10 months old and is showing great signs to hopefully make a future hero Guide or Assistant dog one day, but she still has time for some more puppy growing before that!"

With more than 13,000 registered blind people in Ireland and over 250,000 people impacted by autism, the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind works tirelessly to facilitate those affected by providing them guide and assistance dogs. The average cost of training a dog is in the region of €38,000 and the charity rely heavily on sponsorship and fundraising to deliver their services and partnerships similar to this help raise brand awareness and vital funds.

Whether it’s a small donation or a foreign trek, or even raising puppies, there are many ways to support the Irish Guide Dogs and bring independence, mobility and hope to the people who need it most. For more see https://guidedogs.ie/give-support/.

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