Visit The Alnwick Garden for an inspiring Christmas

The Alnwick Garden for an inspiring Christmas bringing light, magic and
celebration to winter.

Enjoy a rare opportunity to see The Garden’s
night-time beauty as it glows with light
until late in the evening. Prepare for Christmas with creative crafts
and cookery courses, and don’t miss our enchanting programme of events
for families. There’ll be fabulous shopping, festive treats and treetop
celebrations throughout the season.

up warm and take a walk through The Garden’s dramatic winter landscape.
It’s the perfect time to appreciate the striking green structure of the
Wirtz design, with bursts of vivid
colour from the winter-flowering cherry and the ripening crab apples in
the Ornamental Garden. Winter frosts emphasise the lovingly-clipped
topiary, and amongst the trees in the Woodland Walk you may spot one of
The Garden’s red squirrels.

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