Tips For Hiking In Summer

The summer sun has us all wanting to spend more time outdoors and enjoying the green spaces the UK has to offer, but the hot temperatures mean you have to plan ahead for your adventure. Whether it's choosing a quieter time to go hiking or avoiding the midday heat, our handy tips and tricks will help you make the most of your hiking this summer!

Summer Hiking: Equipment To Bring

To ensure you have everything you need for your summer hiking trip, we've put together a list of equipment to bring hiking to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

  • • Sun cream
  • • Lightweight walking boots/shoes
  • • Snacks (to fuel your body)
  • • Hat
  • • First Aid Kit
  • • Water
  • • Backpack
  • • Waterproof
  • • Hand Sanitiser
  • • Sunglasses
  • Walking Poles (optional, but useful if you know how to use them)
  • • Lightweight waterproof jacket
  • • Map/Compass

Summer Hiking: Top Tips


Making sure you stay hydrated is always important, but even more so during the summer. This starts before you even head out; you need to ensure that you have plenty to drink beforehand, don't wait until you feel thirsty to hydrate yourself. Make sure you take enough water with you, as if you're hiking up somewhere like Helvellyn or Pen Y Fan it'll be a long walk back to a local shop for some more. How much you need will of course depend on how long you plan to hike for, but bringing a rucksack will make things easier as you won't be carrying it by hand all day.

Sun Protection

Sun cream should be worn all year round but especially during the summer time as the temperatures can be particularly hot and you'll spend more time exposed to direct sunlight. We recommend using a factor 30 or above, but don't forget to reapply if you are in the sun for longer than two hours.

Plan For Quieter Times

During the summer months it's a no brainer that walking destinations become considerably more popular, the warmer weather has us all wanting to spend more time outdoors and when the schools break for their summer holidays you'll encounter much more traffic on the roads each weekend. You'll typically find the quieter times are usually first thing in the morning or in the evening. Hiking during these times also helps you avoid the midday sunshine, which is often when the temperature reaches it's peak.

Wear appropriate clothing

Check the weather the night before so you have an idea of what to wear for your hike. In general, you'll need lightweight, breathable clothing that will help to move the sweat away from your skin. We advise always taking a small waterproof with you to handle any unexpected showers, one of our packaway jackets are perfect for this and they are lightweight and very compact.

Your footwear should also be something lightweight. You'll still require the level of support you would normally have, however a pair of lightweight walking boots or hiking shoes for the summer months will help your feet breathe, improve your underfoot grip and help prevent blisters when hiking.

Summer Hiking Essentials

Lightweight Top

Lightweight Top

Lightweight Fleece

Walking Trouser

Zip Off Walking Trousers

Walking Shoes

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