There's nothing quite like a market town...

Hi everyone, this is my third blog post for REGATTA!

This time I visited Bridgnorth in Shropshire with my family. Bridgnorth is a market town which is split into two towns; high town and low town.

To reach high town you can either take the cliff railway which is the easy way to get to the top, or by walking up a steep road that connects the two towns, or by using the steps that run alongside the cliff railway. My brother and I always beat my mum and dad to the top of the steep road called The Cartway, we get to the top before they even get halfway up which is quite funny. It is called The Cartway because years ago carts used the road to reach high town.





In high town there are lots of different shops, I like the toy shop the best and always make sure we can go in and see what I can spend my pocket money on. If we go on a Saturday there is a market along the high street, I enjoy looking at the different stalls but it gets very busy and you end up getting squashed like sardines along the pavement if you're not careful.

Whenever we visit high town, I enjoy visiting the park as there are the remains of a 12th century Norman tower which I like to look at, I think it’s cool how the castle ruins are still there today. The tower is 70 foot tall and actually leans at 15 degrees, it leans even more than the Tower of Pisa, this is because there was an attempt to blow it up during the Civil War. See my picture of the tower, in the background you can see the church of St Mary Magdalene. The church was built in 1792 and designed by Thomas Telford.




From the park you can actually see the Severn Valley Railway and if you're lucky you might get a glimpse of steam trains which makes a loud HOOT occasionally. We have been on the railway before, you can catch the train from Bridgnorth and go to Kidderminster, and then either get off the train or come all the way back to Bridgnorth again. I enjoy going on the train but they can be quite slow sometimes.




The River Severn runs along the banks of low town, and it is nice to walk along the paths by the river and bridge. There is also a large playing field where sometimes there is a fair held which is fun to visit. Sometimes low town becomes flooded in the winter when it rains a lot, we have seen the river very high sometimes even nearly covering the bridge which is scary.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my latest post and take a look at the pictures I have taken from Bridgnorth.

See you all again next month.


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