The Scott Family Take on Kilimanjaro in Regatta!

"Last summer we climbed Kilimanjaro. We were very helpfully kitted out head to foot by your team at your Castleford Outlet . The advice was both appropriate and economical, and as part of an international team of 12 we were well prepared for the rigors of this mountain. Please thank them for us!" - Fiona & Francis Scott.

This was the first contact we received from Fiona & Francis Scott regarding their shopping experience with us - so pleased to hear we could help guys! We asked the couple to share their story along with a little about their exciting trip...
'We decided to climb Kilimanjaro with our younger 2 children Ed 19, and Alex 16  having lived in Africa when they were very small.
We went with an amazing Eco tourism company called G Adventures and joined an international team: 3 from USA, 3 from Canada, and 2 from Australia, and the four of us.
We took the Machame route (6 days) and summited on 4/7/16 after a final 7h climb at extreme altitude through the night at temperature's of -20 and strong winds.
It was the most challenging thing we had ever done ( or will ever do!) but exhilarating to reach the top at dawn on my son Ed's 20th birthday. All 12 of us made it -massive team effort ( including incredible support team of Tanzanians)
In preparing for the kit for the trip, we took advice from G adventures, and then went to Regatta to see what they would recommend regarding the change from tropics to extreme cold.
They were really knowledgeable about the layers we needed, including  what the different materials used would do.  No item  ( including boots) cost more than £45 ( our top cagoule/coat) and most were far less.
When we arrived we at first seemed to be rather basically kitted out in comparison to our international colleagues who had fancy down duvet coats etc.
However by the end we realised that we were extremely well advised. We had and used everything, we stayed warm, and were able to add and shed layers when we needed. Plus we had kitted out the four of us at a very reasonable budget.
Perhaps one of the things I most appreciated was that the staff at Castleford helped with enthusiasm as well as knowledge , and did not smirk at a couple in their 50's thinking they could climb this mountain (an experience we had in a nearby mountain outfitters!)."
Thanks for sharing your story guys - A huge WELL DONE from the Regatta team!

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