The Regatta Christmas Gift Guide

Still got some Christmas shopping to do? Never fear, all you need is the Regatta website and a bit of inspiration (also at hand) and you can have it all wrapped up in minutes.

We've got great ideas for all the family and such affordable prices.

Thunderbirds are GO!

What Thunderbirds fan wouldn't be delighted to open up a gift of Regatta's Thunderbirds Are GO clothing collection? Don't miss our free downloadable Thunderbirds puzzles and games to keep them entertained on Christmas day.


Warm and Cosy Shirts

Everyone looks great in a checked shirt - it makes for absolutely fail safe casual dressing. Ours are made from naturally breathable Coolweave cotton. A corduroy shirt makes a great alternative, our cotton fine cord shirts are super soft and cosy. Shop Shirts>

Wellies For All!

Whether it's for gardening, walking the dog or water fights, everyone needs a good pair of wellies. But they're the kind of thing we keep till they fall apart so why not treat a loved one to a shiny new pair and then they're ready for their next rainy day adventure!


For Those With The Camping Bug

We all know that one person that doesn't just like camping, they absolutely LOVE CAMPING. And they just can't get enough kit. Keep them well stocked with our great range of camping gifts starting at pocket money prices.

For Glam Girlies

For ladies who don't like to compromise on style just because it's cold outside, these fluffy faux fur accessories make the perfect gift! The only question is, will it be Vanilla or Black? Both gorgeous.

Stocking Fillers for Little Animals

Buying for kids is easy in theory... but they do tend to get countless toys at Christmas, and houses only have so much space for them! So choose a pressie that's both fun and useful, and will be loved by parents and children alike. These adorable hats and gloves are sure to raise smiles all round.

Shop the complete Regatta Gift Guide.

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