The Doggy Life

Entering ‘dog-hood’ early in my 20’s seemed like a fantastic idea, I loved dogs, I had a family dog and mentally, I was ready to own my dog. I couldn’t have been less prepared for the coming months of ‘dog-hood’.

A young beautiful Samoyed by the name of Ice (The family dog was called Vanilla, seemed rude not to follow suit).

Prior to becoming a dog-parent, I wasn’t much of a walker. My outdoor activity was solely sport based and happened a few times a week (like most men/boys my age). However, once Ice was in my life, I became a full time walker. Three times a day, whatever the weather, I was now a walker, whether I liked it or not.

Ice 1

Walking: Does he stay or does he go?                                                                     

The lead, how much power can be placed in a piece of rope? Did I want to restrict Ice from roaming free? Why do I feel like a parent making really hard decisions? It was all confidence, trust was placed in the little lad and from that moment on, he obeyed.

Early on in dog-hood I was told it would take 9 hours a day to exhaust Ice, 9 hours! A simple street walk wasn’t an option; I was now on the lookout for trails, dog parks and new adventures.

I was slowly becoming a dog walking enthusiast.

Ice vs. Cold

Upon finding my suitable walking routes I had a new issue. How do I keep warm? Manchester is an extremely cold place for 364 days of the year. In addition to my issue, I had to make a choice, layer up or spend some more money on clothes? Every other dog walker seemed to layer up, men in three fleeces, women wearing four coat’s and dogs in chequered onesies.

As judgemental as it may sound, I wanted to stay warm and look cool, my solution? Regatta’s All Peaks jacket. Waterproof and windproof technology, I was sold.  Since purchase, man’s best friend is a toss-up between Ice and All Peaks jacket.

 Ice 3

 What’ next?

Dog walking and dog ownership is a big responsibility. You can’t be a tap and decide to walk sometimes and groom sometimes, you have to be a stream. This entails constant walking, constant grooming and constant loving. In a recent brain scan using neuroimaging study on dogs, it showed they love humans more than we think. It therefore becomes our obligation to love them back even more. In my opinion, the time to bond is on our very own adventures.


(Then Sleep)

Ice 4


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