Regatta does Japan


After months of planning and trying to cater for every eventuality, plus liaising with family in Japan, we finally booked our trip and were off. You would expect April in Tokyo to be warm and dry being Cherry Blossom season, but other than two very nice days we needed our Regatta waterproofs and fleeces in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka!!

But what a fantastic country with or without the rain, wonderful people very open and generous. Unbelievable scenery which met all our expectations. The contrast of Hi-Tec modern cities like Tokyo anJapanRegatta2d Osaka with the traditional and very historic areas of the old capital Kyoto was startling, ancient and modern living cheek to cheek.

And don’t be put off by your pre-conceived ideas of the food, there is far more than raw fish on offer, although if you like Sushi and Sashimi you can eat almost anything from the sea prepared in every way possible. An early morning trip around the Tokyo Tsukiji Fish market is an experience not to miss. That said Japan has much more to offer with their regional dishes and fantastic street food. If you go around Easter try Ueno Park in Tokyo and picnic with the locals under the cherry blossoms with a few bottles of Asahi and a large Okinomiyaki, Hiroshima style!!

All in all Japan is a great place with fantastic people, go there if you can but make sure you take the right clothes!!



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