Paws for thought in England’s forests

Dogs are much loved in the UK and many accompany their owners on outdoors adventures. But for the humans, it not always easy to know where dogs are welcome or, indeed, positively encouraged.

Now a new Ruff Guide to the Forest has been launched by Forestry Commission England. It reveals the perfect places for dogs to enjoy some outdoors time with their owners and families.

Five top dog walks

  1. Coatham Wood Dog Activity Trail
  2. The Speculation Trail (The Forest of Dean)
  3. Challenge Trail (Wistlandpound, South West)
  4. Haldon Forest Park (Exeter)
  5. Wilverley Wander (New Forest)

Exercise is good for all

While us humans know that regular exercise is good for mental and physical good health, we might sometimes overlook the benefits for dogs, too. And while we can head out to exercise ourselves, dogs aren’t able to run about unless their owners organise it.

In fact, research reveals that the weight of our doggy communities are increasing as the decades go by. But a fat dog is not a healthy dog, and so owners are being encouraged to make sure they give their pets enough regular exercise.

To kill two birds with one stone why not take your dog for a walk or run whenever you go out?

The trails in many of the UK’s forests are perfect for walking and running with dogs, especially if you like to let your dog off the lead (and they are well behaved enough to do so).

Events for man and his dog

As well as highlighting a range of great places to go with your dog, FC England have come up with events to enjoy.

Four summer events for dogs:

May 31: Dapper Dogs Fun Dog Show at Camperdown Park in Dundee.

May 31: Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre Fun Day

June 15: Chopwell Wood - Canine Capers

August 17: Hamsterley Forest - The Big Dog Walk

Give cani-cross a go

Cani-cross is a sport that sees owners running with their dogs. Human and dog are tethered together with an elasticated lead and the aim is for both to run together for fun and, in races, to be the first across the race line. See Cani-Cross events

Cool places for hot dogs

This innovative list reveals the places in the UK that are perfect for a walk in the shade when you are travelling across the UK. It could be you’re heading off on holiday or driving to a ferry port. These Cool Spots for Hot Dogs are located at convenient places and not far from major transport links so you can give your pet a run around en route.

Best pooch competition

Why not photograph your favourite dog on a forest walk? FC England are looking for the best behaved dogs that also love walks in the forest. If you think your dog has what it takes to be the star of our Paws Outdoors campaign, you can emailtweet or Facebook a picture of your dog plus 20 words describing why they deserve to win.

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