A to Z of outdoors activities to try: Part 2

With a growing range of outdoors activities on offer in the UK, 2013 could be your year to give a few a try. Most outdoor activities are suitable for children and adults (look out for height and age restrictions on some, however) and many providers will happily adapt an activity to suit your aspirations, adrenaline levels and the age range of your group.

Here we bring you the second post in our two-part guide to outdoors activities in the UK.

N is for Nordic Walking: Get fit and see the countryside during a Nordic Walking trek. The activity utilises a wide range of muscles and claims to be one of the best activities for weight loss, toning and endurance.

O is for orienteering: Many of the UK’s public parks have a permanent orienteering course for have-a-go adventurers. All you need is a map, a compass, a bit of energy and the determination to tick off all the checkpoints. To find out more see British Orienteering

P is for paintballing: There are various versions of this fun outdoors activity and a range of places for paintballing adventures. The aim is to strike down your opponents with paintballs.

Q is for quad biking: A cross between an off-road car and a scrambler bike, quad bikes are motorised four-wheeled vehicles. On board a quad bike you can take in many miles of countryside on off-road trails.

R is for river rafting: Try this fun activity on a river or take part in an organised rafting event called the Glen Nevis River Race. Participants have to navigate through the icy waters of a two-mile stretch of the River Nevis on an air-bed (Lilo). It’s a challenge but many people return year after year for this event. See Glen Nevis River Race

S is for surfing: There is little to beat the moment that you first stand up on your surfboard and feel the strength and speed of the wave as it takes you oh-so-smoothly beach-ward. But to get to this point you’ll need a few lessons.

T is for tank driving: For a very different day out, how would you like to take to the wheel of a tank? Check out places such as Tank Driving and Tank Driving Scotland

W is for wakeboarding: Like water skiing, only on a mono-board, and like surfing, only you’re pulled along by a high-speed boat, wakeboarding is fast becoming the trendiest adventure sport there is.

X is for Xtreme Karting:  This is your chance to go wild on the tracks at the indoor karting centre in Scotland. The challenging circuit at Larbert, Falkirk, offers the ultimate test of your rubber-burning skills. See Xtreme Karting

Y is for yachting: Great for all the family, yachting – or sailing – offers a hands-on adventure. You could learn the ropes in dinghies or on a full-scale yacht master’s course.

Z is for zorbing: Grab a friend or unsuspecting relative and climb inside a huge inflatable zorbing sphere before you are sent tumbling at great speed down the side of a hillside. Zorbing has to be experienced to be believed.

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