The Wildlife in Staffordshire...

Hi guys, me again, Owen!

It was a sunny weekend so my mum, dad and younger brother decided to visit The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Headquarters, the Wolsley Centre, which is situated near Rugeley, Staffordshire.

The centre is set in acres of grounds and wildlife habitat, which includes a boardwalk above the wetlands and the River Penk. If you are really lucky and have the patience to stand and watch the river you can see kingfishers darting about along the river bank, we have seen them in the past but we were not so lucky this time to see them. We have been told that there are otters about too but as yet we have never spotted them but maybe on our next visit we might be lucky.


There are also different sculptures you can discover, fun play trails, and a bridge that is sunk into a ford where you can walk and splash through with your wellies on!

The sensory garden has different plants and herbs that smell, I found a plant that smelled a bit like curry, it was very odd.

I fed the ducks and I got really close to a swan it was taller than other swans (I don't know why).  Some of the swans were getting quite angry with the geese and were chasing them away then we realised the swans had some baby cygnets close by and were just protecting them from predators.





We had a great day at Wolsley, my brother and I even had a chance to go on the tyre swing which is very exciting, its fun trying to swing really high, but I think my mom’s arms were aching by the end of it after we kept asking her to push the swing higher and higher.

We then walked around the lake where I saw a duck lay an egg right in front of me and a chaffinch on a bird feeder. In the middle of the lake there is an island with a dead tree branch where a terrapin always sits lazily with no care in the world!

While I was walking I was glad that I was wearing my comfortable REGATTA boots which were a relief to my feet.





I did enjoy visiting Wolsley, thank you for reading my blogpost and take a look at my pictures! I will be back again next month with more of my adventures.



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