National Rain Day

Here in the UK we are known for our rainy, miserable weather but we cant let that stop us getting out and about and having fun. This Thursday 29th July marks national rain day, which started back in the 1800's when pharmacist William Allison noticed that it rained every year on this day and therefore declared July 29th Rain Day. Although most of us don't enjoy the rain, it's very important for a number of reasons:

  • Water is so important, it's needed for ourselves, plants and animals to be able to survive.
  • It's essential for farmers to water their crops.
  • Rain is essential to the health of our planet, because without it, we'd have a drought.

What To Do On a Rainy Day

Go for a a walk

Although this may seem like a strange suggestion going for a walk in the rain can be fun especially if you have little children. Wrap up in a waterproof coat, slip into your wellies and put your little one in a cosy puddle suit and go and experience the outdoors, your little ones will also love splashing about in the muddy puddles. You could even encourage them to have a competition on who can make the biggest splash in a puddle.


Rainy days can be messy, but they’re also a good excuse to sit back and enjoy crafting, whether you have children or not crafting can be a lot of fun and is a great was to spend your time on a miserable rainy day so you can stay warm in front of the fire at home.

Host a Tea Party

Why not host your own tea party, whether you invite your friends round or you just include your household this can be a relaxing activity, from choosing what food you want to include in your tea party to actually hosting, it can be great fun.

Have a Film Day Or Go The Cinema

A rainy day is the perfect day to either go the cinema or if you're trying to save some pennies create your own film day at home, get some popcorn and snacks, get out your blankets and create a cosy atmosphere.

Make a Fort

What better to do than to make a fort on a rainy day, have the kids get all the blankets they can find and create a cosy space where they can relax and enjoy the listening to the rain or watching videos from a warm, cosy space.

Have a Pamper Day

Having a pamper day is so important, we don't often get the time to pamper ourselves as adults but it's just as important for us to relax and have some "me time" as it is for children. So why not run a bath, apply a face mask, paint your nails and do whatever relaxes you such as reading a book.

Rainy Day Adventure Essentials

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