Mini Me Mother’s Day Style

Are you and your little one the next Victoria and Harper? Kim and Nori? Or how about Katie and Suri?

Styling your little one just like you can be cute or cringe, getting it right isn’t hard, there a just a couple of simple rules to keep your Mother’s Day look stylish.


  1. Don’t go too matchy matchy

Let’s not forget you are mother and child here, what suits you won’t necessarily suit the other for a host of reasons. Simplify your twinning by choosing one lookalike piece, colour or feature per outfit.



  1. Don’t forget function!

Regardless of what you’re wearing, you still need to get on with your day without your style getting in the way. Kids will always want to scale the climbing frame, but not at the expense of your cute double floral skirt style.



  1. Make sure it’s designed right.

Kids and grown-ups need different things from their clothing. When you’re looking at doubling up your look, pick brands that design especially with kids in mind – there are often lots of little hidden features on products that could make or break your kid’s day.



  1. Don’t spend a fortune for one look.

No matter how cute you two look, don’t get carried away with the twin look and spend a small fortune. You can only use this look sparingly to have maximum impact so unless it’s for a really special occasion, keep it affordable.



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