From the Dunstable Downs to the majestic Morocco

Michelle Heaton is a BRIT award-winning pop star, TV personality and recently- crowned ‘Disney Celebrity Mum of the Year 2014’. Not only that, she is a FETAC-qualified personal trainer with further qualifications in pre and post pregnancy exercise and she's about to undertake one huge challenge on behalf of Genesis Research Trust.



A trek in Morocco isn't for the light-hearted... what was it about this walk that made you sign up?

When I was originally approached by the Genesis Research Trust, I instantly wanted to help. They have made such a difference in medical research, helping women and children in pregnancy and childbirth, that I knew with more fundraising they could do great things. And plus, I thought what a personal challenge it would be to do this - I always think it's important to set yourself goals.


Is there anything in the outdoors that makes you nervous?

Absolutely everything!

Being away from my family and not having contact with them makes me nervous - there will be no phone reception in the middle of the desert! Not having much experience walking on this terrain also makes me nervous, not to mention meeting new people for the first time and sleeping under the stars - I've not been camping many times before!


Obviously training plays a big part, have you discovered new places in UK you would never have seen otherwise?

Yes, I've done loads of walking around the Dunstable Downs and found many off road walks right behind where I live that I never even knew existed.


What impact has walking had on your life?

Absolutely huge. Before, I thought walking was more for pregnant women, or dare I say - the elderly. But it has now become a real passion of mine - I have all the gear and I love it! Grabbing my jacket and rucksack before I leave house is second nature to me.


You're going to be camping under the stars, is camping something you would now do with the kids?

Definitely. When you're a kid, you love to be outside - it's a real adventure. Now I can tell my kids all of my stories and go on camping adventures as a family.


Where can people donate to this fantastic cause and help you cross the desert?

For more information on Genesis Research Trust and to make a donation to Michelle's challenge, please click here.


Obviously you're pretty stylish... is looking good more important than the correct clothing?

No, however I've definitely managed to tick both boxes with the help of Regatta. I've even planned my travelling outfit - my walking shoes I got for wet weather and my fleece. It's so nice my husband wants one!


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