Like mother, like daughter

Third times the charm, With a trip to The Stud Farm.

Hello all, I am back for blog number three,
This blogging about family sure brings me much glee.
I hope you all are enjoying my rhymes,
As I shall be back again a few more times.

The sun has been shining and that I love,
And challenges I've completed a couple of.
So stick on the kettle and have some tea,
As I bring you on a Regatta challenge with me.

Now this month I tell you I have a something neat,
As my daughter has wrote a poem for you all as a treat.
A chip off the old block and sure she is only nine,
But just like her Mom she really loves to rhyme.


02 May


Challenge 5 - Pack your rucksack and take to the hills COMPLETED


Well challenge number five was easy as can be,
To pack a rucksack and off to the hills for me.
We decided to bring some neighbourhood kids along,
As we all really wanted this challenge to prolong.

To "Braveheart Hill" we travelled with our Regatta pack,
Remembering the way we went, so we could all get back.
Named after some of the movie that was filmed here,
With the actor Mel Gibson dressed up in Scottish gear.

The temperature was high, the sun oh it did shine,
We knew we would all have a really great time.
My daughter wore the Maverick II Polo Shirt as the sun was cruel,
But with light weight material she was feeling nice a cool.

The kids grabbed some sticks to help trek to the top,
I have to save these braves ladies just didn't stop.
They cheered each other on as they made it up all the way,
Then off they headed to explore promising not to go astray.

They found many items as they continued on their trek,
But the best for me was the views that I recommend you check.
Then the sun disappeared and although the wind was adding a chill,
In their Regatta Serianna II Fleece I knew they'd be warm still.


Challenge 5 - Pack your rucksack and take to the hills



Challenge 6 - Find the brightest flower COMPLETED


Deciding on challenge six wasn't a very hard decision,
The Japanese Gardens is the perfect place I did envision.
Located in Tully, County Kildare with so much to see,
St. Fiachra's Garden and The Stud Farm hidden amongst many a tree.

With the kids in tow we headed into this beautiful wonderland,
To search for the brightest flower in this garden oh so grand.
With bridges to cross, some stepping stones and rocks to climb,
The kids sure loved the adventure as we all took our time.

The flowers were so beautiful from bright yellow, to rich red,
Scattered around rocks with water flowing through the flower bed.
But then in St. Friachra's Garden much to our delight,
Was a waterfall that was stunning and such a lovely sight.

So don't forget to take a visit The National Stud Farm,
With a museum and visitors centre this place has so much charm.
Thoroughbred champions you will learn all about,
Some that were reared here, as winners no doubt.

With so many beautiful flowers to gaze our eyes upon,
We each choose a different flower we thought was the bright one.
I really hope you are all taking on a challenge of your own,
If you are then post on Regatta's Facebook page and let it be shown.




Challenge 6 - Find the brightest flower



The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, So here's a rhyme from my daughter for thee.

In the middle of the spring,
Worms are as fat as anything
Birds will eat them from the sky,
They like them as much as I like pie.

Once when I was very young,
I put a worm right on my tongue.
I didn't like the taste one bit,
And so I didn't swallow it.

But oh it made my Mother squirm,
Because she thought I ate that worm.


my kiddo



Until next month live, love and be active.


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